2019 A to Z Challenge

Welcome to my 2019 April A to Z Challenge. Below are the entries for each letter of the alphabet.

Theme Reveal

Letter A for Album

Letter B Bear Claw

Letter C Contrary Husband

Letter D Dutchman’s Puzzle

Letter E Envelope

Letter F Farmer’s Daughter

Letter G Garden Walk

Letter H Hearts Desire

Letter I Jack ‘I’n the Box

Letter J Jacob’s Ladder

Letter K Flying Kite

Letter L Maple Leaf

Letter M Milky Way

Letter N Name on Each Friendship

Letter O Old Maid’s Puzzle

Letter P Pinwheels

Letter Q Chain Quilt

Letter R Rambler

Letter S Scottish Cross

Letter T Double T

Letter U Unexpected Reveal

Letter V Weather Vane

Letter W Contrary Wife

Letter X Waves of the Sea

Letter Y Clay’s Choice

Letter Z Crazy Anne