1932/ Inez’s Clippings

October 9, 1932

The Madison County Institute was held on Oct. 7 and 8. I went to it with Mrs. Bennett. The talks were interesting but not quite as good as last year. It didn’t seem like the speakers, or audience either, had as much pep. But it is all over now. On November 11th the teachers of part of the townships in Madison Co. are going to put on a program for the rest of the teachers.

After being out of school for almost 2 years, it seems good to be working again. I have just 8 pupils. They are Mary Leach in the 8th grade, Fern and Vern Simpson in the 6th grade, (they are twins), Darlene Ritter and Wyman McKee in the 5th grade, Earl Simpson in the 4th grade, Leland Ritter in the 2nd grade, and Minnie Jane Campbell in the 1st grade. I like every one of the youngsters. They haven’t given me any trouble yet. I had to……

Pg. 37— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

So the lapse in Inez’s day journal is because she was not teaching. I guess she didn’t think we’d be interested in what happened during those days. Boy, was she wrong. I have plenty of questions about how life transpired when not getting hired after her first year. Unfortunately, she didn’t and so we have to just wonder about these undocumented years. You can hear the positive vibes in how she named the new students of hers. She liked them and was pleased they were not giving her a hard time. I think we can all remember and sympathize with teachers that students rebeled against — new teachers in particular.

As for my posts on Inez’s clippings, I’ve had a little lapse as well because of that little thing called research. I reached out to the University of Iowa and their music library people for some more insight into this children’s choir.

Speaking of children, I have a photo from May 24, 1930 that I think must have been important to Inez. It was in a scrapbook that I’ve yet to share.

201 Children Choir, May 24, 1930, Union Co. Iowa

The photo above is described in fine pencil as “201 Children Choir, May 24, 1930, Union Co.” Which would be in Iowa. When I reached out to the Music Library at the University of Iowa, I was met with much enthusiasm at finding out what this event was all about.

Want to learn more about this children’s choir? I hope you’ll come back next week when I’ve had a chance to sort it all out and share. Summer has been busier than I expected, so thanks for your patience in my little series. Til then, just going to share a little thing I’ve made that is super simple to make–as well as a peek into my life.

Gift Card Holder

This simple gift card holder uses just 3, 5-inch squares, a snap and of course a sewing machine and thread. I’m still working on finessing the direction of certain prints, so excuse the upside down wording on the above fabric. I was in a hurry and, as I’ve said before, things have been a little busy around here. Sharing a few photos from my ring camera of a yearling that got loose from our local sale barn on Father’s Day. Never a dull moment around here. Glad noone was hurt in the capture of the runaway. 😉

I might mention I felt bad for them in their lack of an ATV to apprehend the victim. Sale barn is a good piece down the road from my house. Kinda hot that day for a run. Or was the young man who had to hold down the calf the Real victim here?? I dare say that when the cow head butted our concrete porch, it had to have helped the situation just a tad bit. hehehe All in a day’s work for the owners of the animal. Good work boys!



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