No School, Measles/Inez’sClippings

April 1938

Tues, April 5, 1938. Peru School closed for this week on account of measles. Rained in P.M.

Wed and Thurs, April 6 & 7, 1938 Ice and sleet covered the ground. Many branches of trees were broken.

Fri. April 8, 1938 Ice going off. Warmer.

Sun. April 10, 1938 Had company, Grace’s, Ruth’s, and Grandpa, and Ben & Lena were here for dinner. In the P.M. Edgington’s Camp.

Wed. April 13, 1938 Yesterday Lyle Porter sowed oats for Dad. Got linoleum rug for front room today. Finished raking yard and planted some garden. Planted seeds yesterday of cinerarian, calceolaria, cyclamen, & petunias. Dean planted gloxania seed today.

Pg. 54— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

April 5, school closed for a week, but no mention of school reopening when they were busy working on the gardening in the middle of the following week. So maybe it was something they worked on after school? Or maybe school was still closed up until the 13th? Just something to ponder. This is where research comes in and something I’ll look forward to doing in the future. Informational fact: the measles vaccine was first tested in 1958 and didn’t become licensed until 1963. Times have improved this process thankfully.

Something I did do for you, readers, is look up photos of the flowers they planted. Doesn’t this give you Spring Fever??

Grandma Inez always did love working in the garden. Many memories of helping her each year, even though I probably complained about it. 🙂 I think we really just loved being under her feet all the time more than anything. And Uncle Dean became a Master Rose Gardener. He was involved with the Floriculture Building at the Missouri State Fair for many years. Waiting for more info to share with you on that so check back!

This week for the ‘made’ section, I did something new-to-me in the sewing realm. I tried out printable fabric sheets for a little Christmas gift for my daycare parents. We’ve done handprint this and that, refrigerator magnet photos, ornaments, and etc. But this year called for something different with my smaller group size. Something a little extra personal. I hope you enjoy seeing my efforts below. Faces distorted for obvious reason, children.

I can only imagine what Inez would have done with computers and a Bernina!


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