Moving 1937 and 1938/Inez’sClippings


Sunday, March 1, 1937 Moved to the Blair place 3 mi. southeast of Patterson. I stayed at Ruth Akins for the rest of the school term at Monroe No. 8.

Tuesday, March 1, 1938 Moved again. This time to the old Hull place at the west edge of Old Peru.

Pg. 53— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Moving was apparently a big deal with another year apart in her journal entries. I found a little map that I took a screenshot of for your viewing enjoyment. Also gives some perspective of how far apart these locations were. Not a huge distance between each town. But naturally too far apart to stay for teaching, yet close enough to go home on the weekends.

Madison County 2021 showing Patterson (red marker) and Peru (southwesterly)

Patterson had a population of 176 in 2020, 123 in 1930. Laid out in 1872, it was originally named for Alexander Pattison, but misspelled as Patterson. The name stuck and has not changed since. Information courtesy of Wikipedia

Courtesy of Ron Howell’s Facebook page, The Rural Schools of Madison County, Iowa

Great information on the Monroe school. Digging a basement by hand. Now that’s something to think about! Also love seeing it continue as a home.

Peru/East Peru Town School

I can’t say at this time if Inez taught in this school or Walnut No. 1, but it would have been the school located in Peru at the time they moved there.

The theme of this post has been ‘moving’ and in the current here and now, I have a lovely reveal to share! My youngest daughter created this quilt top, cut, and sewed it together. I did the machine quilting and attached the hand-made-to-match binding. The occasion—a wedding for family/friends who are moving a few hours away to begin their new lives together. Best wishes to them both! It goes without saying that I’m proud of my daughter’s new-found enjoyment of quilting. Hope you enjoy our 3 second video!

For a full-size view, click the enlargement icon.



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