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Mon. June 8 1942 ~~~Glenn was called for an army examination. We went to Jefferson City to see about getting a deferrment. No luck.

Wed. June 17, 1942 ~~~ Glenn left Sedalia for Jefferson Barracks to be examined for army service. Ruth, Earl & children stayed with me while he was gone.

Fri. June 19, 1942~~~ Glenn was rejected for the army on account of bad teeth. Came back home Fri. night.

Pg. 71— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection
June Wild Roses in Rural Pettis County

Just for the sake of interest, I have a list of famous men who were rejected by the military for service… least at first.

  • Ray Bradbury—Rejected but went on to do writing for Red Cross and the LA Civil Defense.
  • Charlie Chaplin—Told he was undersized and underweight
  • Julia Child–Rejected by WAVES(Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) but went on to join the Office of Strategic Services, predecessor of the CIA. She then quickly rose to become a top-secret researcher for Major General William J. “Wild Bill” Donovan, the chief of the OSS.
  • Walt Disney—Was too young upon applying (16 years young) but then switched gears to the Red Cross Ambulance Corps….Too late. The armistice was already signed.

I could continue on but you get the picture. With my grandfather though, I don’t think he was exactly eager to join up and was hoping the end was in sight. Perfectly happy in his new marriage, I can imagine Glenn preferred to farm and lead the simple life. I get it. No judgements from me. But ‘spoiler alert’, he didn’t get to dodge enlistment for long.

For a blog challenge I participate in called Thursday Doors, I’m sharing a little entry for a Badge in the form of a photo. I’ve recently decided that I need to use up a lot of my scrap fabric and the block I’m making will have an I Spy Quilt feel to it. Each window or ‘door’ will have a little something fun to discover. I think it’ll make for an interesting quilt for my daycare children ultimately. But if it gets some double-play on the blog challenge, that would be kind of cool as well. I’m sure there are plenty of wonderful contributions but I decided this is my style of ‘door’ I’m providing for the entry. Hope you enjoy it whether it wins or not.

How would Santa unwind?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and sending warmest wishes for the coming year. If you are the praying type, we’re in need of them now. They would be extremely appreciated. Sharing more on that in upcoming posts.


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