The Advertisement/Inez’sClippings

Page 40-Inez’s Day Journal

Advertisements were pinned around the room for each one to guess what each adv. represented. Mr. Carl Ritter guessed the most, having all but 2 right. He was given an eversharp pencil for a prize.

The children enjoyed the next game. A candy dog was strung on a piece of twine. One person began to chew at each end to see who would get to the candy first.

Stunts were next acted out by groups, the rest of the people trying to guess the stunt.

Partners were chosen for the next stunt by matching pumpkin puzzles. Then each couple was give a thread with a needle on each end and some wet pumpkin seeds and allowed to string seeds for 8 minutes. The couple that strung the most were Nellie Ritter and Wilbur Cason. The had a total of 155 seeds strung. The prize for the woman was a bottle of…….to be contd.

Pg. 40— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

A common denominator in the 1932 Halloween party was being frugal. And one thing Inez had was lots of clippings! I don’t ever remember reading on the vast internet a person promoting a game of guessing advertisements. Guessing advertisements would be a good game for these times. I mean how many people read a hard copy of a newspaper anymore? It would be foreign material for many people. And I have been waiting ever so patiently for a reason to share the back of Inez’s clippings for quite some time. Inez gave new meaning to pinning advertisements around the room. Pinterest, eat your heart out! I’m gonna give you some samplings of Depression Era newspaper advertisements. Hope you enjoy!!

Inez’s Clippings on the Reverse Side


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