Black Work/WPC


I’ll be taking the Photo Challenge literally this week with my shot of this framed, intricate, embroidery black work that was entered in the Missouri State Fair.

File_000 (59)

Along with many other entries it has a purple ribbon symbolizing excellence in a hand created item. It won Special Best of Division. The owner should be loaded with pride!

Best of Division

Close Up

Here’s a close up of the details. I picture them getting totally consumed in the creation of this piece of framed art. It’s most definitely a true labor of love.

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Leave It To Me/ Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

The recent October Crochet World was full of ideas I’d like to try out. If I only had enough hours in the day.

File_005 (2)

I did have an hour yesterday between laundry and more laundry. Oh, and more laundry.

Grouped together, I can see using them as a

                                                                     *      party favor

*   garland for a mantle

*     gift bag decoration

*    or applique for an Autumn blanket.

I’ll probably settle for the napkin ring idea. I happen to have a small supply of twine from an auction that was brand new in the wrapper. Score for me! It was only a $1 for the entire box of goodies.

File_003 (4)

Now time to dig out those Fall colors in the yarn stash.

Gathering Those Doors

Thursday Doors

The last week I’ve been contemplating this Doors post.  Thought about trying a theme with this subject.

toy doors

Toy Doors abound at my home. But maybe I’ll save up for that one later.

File_000 (33)

Around here, I know of a few places that still have these sort of doors. But maybe that is too much for tender eyes? Or maybe some of you don’t get this? It’s your age I assure you. So you get the salt and pepper variety. Ask your parents/grandparents. Or Google.

hitching post

And speaking of age, these doors have old hitchin’ posts leading up to the front to tie up your old mare. Love that the owners kept these intact all these years.


But in the end, there’s my boring ol’ door that leads home. It has seen more traffic in and out of it in the last 20 years of daycare than any of you can ever imagine. Over 150 children, their parents, grands, and greats, uncles, aunts,(some of them mine), both rich or poor and everything in between. Even a few pets to ‘show and tell’. Wouldn’t it be wondrous if all the doors we see could tell their story?

Homemade From Grandma/SundaySampler

Sunday Sampler

Just a sampling this Sunday of Mother’s crafts she’ll have at the next craft show. See these and more items at Windsor,Missouri September 3. Local folks, hope to see you there!

The Bear Coat and Hat/WPC


The Missouri State Fair is goin’ on here in Sedalia. While visitin last night, the Home Ec building was first on the to-see agenda. Mainly to see the quilts and crocheted items. But then This happened. A piece of Americana was on display. Nothing says Missouri like a piece of Harry Truman memorabilia.

File_006 (7)

File_007 (2)

Further investigation was required to satisfy my curiosity. Found this info.

Memoirs of Milwaukee County: From the Earliest Historical …, Volume 2, Part 2

By Jerome A. Watrous

Wonder if ‘The-Buck-Stops-Here Harry’ knew the background of this coat maker?

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Time Passes/Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors

Driving down Main Street in Sedalia, Missouri last night.


Sedalia, Missouri was founded in 1860. Home of the Missouri State Fair, Queen City of the Prairie, The End of the Trail for cattle drives until the 1870’s.

“A lot of people, when they think of the original trail towns at the end of the cattle drive, they may think of Dodge or Wichita, Kansas, but Sedalia was the very first.  We are the original cow town,” said Trail’s End committee member, Linda Oehrke Myer.

File_008 (2)

This was Archia’s Seedhouse on Main Street. Now abandoned, it once was a thriving part of Sedalia’s rich history. I look forward to this Thursday Doors weekly entry and sharing some of Sedalia’s past and present!

A Little Elbow Grease


Spent a day at my daughter’s apartment getting things fine-tuned. Like calling the maintenance people about the shower. It’s supposed to flip up and turn on according to the email received after we both took baths without a shower or drain stopper. Interesting start to the day. And more for the shopping list. 

Then there was a freezer to defrost. Boy am I old. Defrost? She said. She’s aware of what that means but confused on how to do that. Mom to the rescue!

But while waiting for ice 

There’s this. 

Quiet time to crochet and listen to favorite tunes. I’m not confused in the least on how to spend a day alone 🙂

Define Ruana/ Sunday Sampler

Sunday Sampler

Before we know it, the cold winds of winter will be here. After record-breaking heat here in my area, I’m ready. And in my email, there was a  new word. Ruana. Let me define.

According to Red Heart: “A ruana is similar to a shawl, but shaped like a poncho with an opening up the front.” They have 2 crochet and one knit version at the link above.

And on
noun 1.a poncholike outer garment of heavy wool, worn especially
in the mountains of Colombia.

Here are a couple examples from Pinterest.

 There are sewn versions as well online. They are more blanket-like. As an accessory, I think the crochet version is very pretty.

Here’s my beginning in Homespun Yarn:

Thistle Stitch Ruana

Calling it “Thistle Stitch Ruana”.  If there’s not enough yarn, I have a plan B antidote.

Space/ Thursday Doors


Simple 1

In looking at rental options, the one thing that drew my daughter to her current choice was the cabinet space. She comes from a long line of cooks. A good supply of pots and pans is imperative. Not to mention, there must be a spot for her Bavarian China from her dad and I.

Simple 2

Then there’s the cleaning stash door. That is broom, vacume, mop.

Can’t have too many Doors when it comes to cabinets.