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soon as the director elections are over.

Thurs. March 6, 1930. I got a letter from Wyce, today. I talked to mother this evening. She said that Grandma was not very well. She is staying all night tonight.

Fri. March 7, 1930. We decided today to have a picnic Monday. I came home this evening.

Sat. March 8, 1930. I came to town this afternoon with George. His car rides fine. I surely was surprised last night when I found out the folks had a radio. They only have it out for trial.

Sun. March 9, 1930. We stayed home today. Doll….

Pg. 30— Grandma’s Day Journal– My Hunter Family Collection

Picnic time! I wonder what delicious foods they would have taken along?? In the farm belt in 1930, I’d bet there were a few staples that made the cut. Maybe a bologna or ham sandwich. potato salad, homemade pickles & some old-fashioned rice pudding. If you were real lucky, someone might fix up some homemade ice cream to top off an apple pie. I could sure go for some of grandma’s cookies about now!

Have you looked at picnic food ideas lately? What about the utensils and linens you’d take along to make it special? This week in Inez’s Clippings, I have something to share this week that belonged to my ‘Gammie’ that I’m pretty certain is the type of article that would have went along on any picnic. It’s a flour sack towel appliqued with this pattern once belonging to my great grandmother Reed.

Flour Sack Towel w/Sunbonnet applique–Grandma Reed’s pattern

And just for fun, another item that would be beneficial in the sunshine….

Kerchief in vintage floral fabric

And the best part about that kerchief……..it just Sold! Shall I make another?? Hope you’ll come back next week for more of Inez’s day journal.



  1. Aaah! Picnics. They sound so inviting. Saying that we had one on Sunday. It was so easy. I threw in ham and smoked salmon, tiny tomatoes and cukes, mixed lettuce leaves, some left over pearl couscous salad, mandarins, cheese and biscuits plus some bottles of mineral water. We picked up bread rolls on the way and fed seven people after doing an 8km walk.

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  2. Thank you for taking us down the memory lane 🙂

    When my children were young we used to have lots of picnics on the front lawn 🙂 Maybe I should revive that memory 🙂 Thanks for the idea! Although we don’t have such decorative inherited mementos to beautify our picnic blanket 🙂 How precious, and in what pristine condition they are!

    Thank you for the reminder.


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