Let Me Inspire You


I present a treasure from that lady Aunt Maybelle! She always knows a good thing when she sees it. This time I’m the lucky recipient 🙂 I have to say, if you haven’t went to an auction or yard sale lately, you could be missing out! I hope this will inspire you to check one out.


To the right, a knitted bootie. To the left are 2 crocheted ones, one almost finished.

IMG_3520 IMG_3514

There were a couple sets of knitting needles, a kilt pin, and for good measure, a set of paper candy cups. Always useful when you have a bunch of children running around. Will I use them for snack or crafts??? Hmmmm?!

 The crème de la crème is this unfinished baby blanket. It has all the blocks accounted for…..I just have to attach them all.


And I will. I know a few people who are having babies.

By the way Aunt Maybelle, you now have your own Tag on WordPress. Winner Winner!!


Gold Tone

No I’m not referring to my Gold Tone Banjo…….this time.

I’m apparently into the color of Gold though. Who wouldn’t be??!! After all we have Fort Knox? goldThe Gold I’m currently hoarding is this yarn that once was going to be some Crocodile Stitch Slippers.IMG_2156 barbie's requestCan you say Big Fail??

So on to other things.

This time we have a Crochet-As-You-Go attempt.


It begins like this…….

20150523_125223And comes together like this 🙂  Hopefully not much more left.







But this is how much yarn I have left.


Rampin’ It Up

Summer’s nearly here and so time for some additions to the Katy Trail Creations shop.

To start I’m adding this Hand Crocheted Kerchief that is a  “One-of-a-kind”; courtesy of Aunt Maybelle’s generosity.


More additions to the shop this week. Check it out!