The Water Dipper/ Inez’s Clippings

First the clipping….

The Water Jug

In case you are unaware, a “Hane” is a piece of iron attached to the collar of draft horses pulling a wagon. Water jugs were the way to transport water back in the day before the beginning of the Convenience Store. No water bottles, Tervis’s, Thermos bottles, etc. And everyone shared from the same container. Germs? No there were no germophobes in existence. At least not in our neck of the woods.

But we didn’t have a water jug per say. We had a metal dipper. It hung by grandma’s sink and anytime you needed a good swig of water, just grab it and fill it up. That fresh well water pumped right to the sink was ice cold and always hit the spot. Ice cubes? Nah. The only time you needed ice was in your tea or when you were making ice cream.

I searched high and low for a photograph showing that enamel covered metal dipper. After all, the kitchen was always the gathering place for the women folk. We kids knew exactly where they’d all be hanging out. But I only found a couple photos of the kitchen and they’re not taken at the correct angle so you can’t see the infamous dipper. But I want you to see the photo I found anyway as it shows a Norman Rockwell-ish moment in 1969 with my mother reading and Great Grandma sitting while resting her feet. In the kitchen with no tv, no radio, no cell phones, no computers. Just togetherness.

My mother Eileen and Great Grandma Hunter
My mother Eileen and Great Grandma Hunter

WW & H Exchange/Thursday Doors

Bringing you a short and sweet post from Clinton, Missouri this Thursday Doors. If I’m not mistaken this is part of a cultural arts center connected to the Henry County Museum. I hope to head back there soon to visit during its open hours. Museums in small towns are a sign of local pride and happy to see this town embraces its history.

Newer windows and doors for energy efficiency due to Missouri's extreme weather fluctuations is a must.
Newer windows and doors for energy efficiency due to Missouri’s extreme weather fluctuations is a must.

A good effort in trying to keep with the rest of downtown Clinton’s architecture by switching up the windows and doors.

Peeking out the door
Peeking out the door

Now this is my kind of graffiti! Humor never hurts either.

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Daily Smiling/Inez’s Clippings

I don’t know if my grandmother ever contributed any stories of her own to newspapers while teaching back during her teaching days, but I definitely know from my own personal experience that kids can and will say things that make you smile on a daily basis. It’s probably why she was drawn to cutting out the ‘funnies’ from the newspapers.

Before I share Grandma’s clipping for this week, I wanted to share a bit about our week during storytime. As a regular activity, we talk about stuff related to the story of the day and I have kept track of several of these over time. This past couple weeks, we had an Insect Theme goin’ on and the question I posed to them went like this….

If you found a beehive on the ground, what would you do? Why?”

  • Owen(age4) “Put it back up–Because the bees will be sooo happy”
  • Hunter(age 4) “Go in the house–Because they will sting you.”
  • Owen yes we have 2 Owens (age 4) “Don’t be around it–Because they will sting you”
  • Bella (age 2) “Be afraid! –I don’t know & my daddy afraid & my mommy afraid!”
  • Jonathan (age 2) “Run away to my house, no a different house–Because I don’t like bees!”
  • Miles (age 5) “Scare it away — Cause I don’t like bees.”
  • Hudson (age 5) ” I would pick it up and put it back and wait for more bees to come back — I don’t know why”
  • Ben (age 7) “Leave it alone & walk around it — So I don’t get stung.”
  • Sawyer (age 7) ” Leave it alone so I don’t get stung and walk off”

So to reassure everyone out there, we had further discussion of how to handle this situation and also about the benefits bees provide to our environment. In addition, I just want to say that the next generation is going to be OK. They have empathy, caring hearts and are wonderful little people! So, if this didn’t make you smile, maybe the funnies coming up will…..Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!!

Clinton, Missouri Coca Cola/ Thursday Doors

Do you remember the 1971 Coca Cola commercial with the song that was supposedly the most popular commercial ever? Well, being nostalgic, I looked up the lyrics and I am surprised there isn’t more to it. I remember more lines than what I’ve found. Was there a later commercial that extended the song? I feel like there must have been and I’m just not feeling like looking more into it. For now, though, I’ll settle with the ones I’ve found and the song will be running through my head like a broken record the rest of the day. Nope, not gonna write them here. One of us suffering is enough.

For Thursday Doors, I am sharing a Coca Cola building from Clinton, Missouri which is, naturally, the reason I’ve got that song stuck in my mind. Clinton is a town in the western portion of Missouri with a population of over 8800. For me personally, it’s home to some family members and the location of my podiatrist. So there you have it, the reason I’d be visiting there. Hope you enjoy the photos and aren’t rubbed the wrong way with the whole song reference.

Please take time to visit our Thursday Door host Norm 2.0 by clicking here and he’ll direct you to wonderful doors all across the world.

Not an Idle Thing

This Week from Inez’s Clippings

I see and hear about so much blatant, hurtful ‘stuff’ lately especially on social media. And sometimes it hits home with either yourself or someone you love and care about.

Grandma marked the clipping above to have her students memorize out of a book of quotations from her one-room-schoolhouse days. It was back in the 1920’s when published and I think it speaks volumes to all generations across the board.

So when you’re behind that keyboard with the power of the written word or face to face with others, take a moment to think before you speak. Does it really feel so great to bash or give hateful looks? I prefer to take the road less traveled these days with some kindness. In short, you can choose whether to allow your words to lift up a soul or to break a heart.

So to those blindsided by those thoughtless nobodies, take heart in the following clipping.

Dog Trot/Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors is going to be more pics and less writing this week. I have a wonderful gem from Clinton, Missouri to share and the history behind it as well. Thankfully it is all written out and all I had to do is snap a few photos. Hope you enjoy the shots and the wonderful story told on the front door of this possibly-earlier-than-1856 Dog Trot.

Photos first, then the story later.
Wild Roses are perfect along this window. Love them!
Wild Roses are perfect along this window. Love them!
Looking up at the ceiling between the east and west wings.

Doors and what’s considered the original portion of the Dog Trot.

More buildings around the property…

There was no mention of the Bell’s history. The ‘use what we have’ mentality is evident in the way they attached it to the logs.

Old Bell

Before you head off to visit Norm 2.0 and all the other wonderful Door Enthusiasts, here is the story behind the Dog Trot. Thanks so much for your visit!

Historical Account Part 1
Historical Account Part 1
Historical Account part 2
Historical Account part 2

Tree Toad Tongue Twister/Inez’s Clippings

Though faded with age, I have my grandmother’s handwriting in this example of her saved pieces.

It’s pretty hard to read even with the filter possibilities I tried…so here’s a clearer version.

Tree Toad Tongue Twister

A tree toad loved a she toad
That lived up in a tree.
She was a 3-toed tree toad
But a 2-toed toad was he.
The 2-toed tree toad tried to win
The she toad's friendly nod;
For the 2-toed tree toad loved the ground
that the 3-toed tree toad trod.
But vainly the 2-toed tree toad tried
He couldn't please her whim;
In her tree toad bower
with her V-toe power
the she toad V-toed him.

In the poem, it described a ‘She Toad’ who loved her sanctuary, as most women do. And she didn’t want to be bothered with the ‘He Toad’. Where is Your happy place?? Here’s Mine in pictures. Crazy Anne II quilt is ready for binding….

Another KC Star quilt for the books. Note: Some call this pattern Wheel of Fortune but I’m referencing the 1949 version as you can see in the photo from The Kansas City Star Quilts Sampler by Barbara Brackman. And just think, this quilt top came from Facebook marketplace in a tub of scraps for $15. About as good as it gets!! Yep, time spend quilting is synonymous with me in my sanctuary.

Okinawa Time/Thursday Doors

To my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day!

For my niece and nephew overseas in Japan, this is a little belated if you consider the time differences, but I wanted to share the door pics they gratiously donated to my cause. But before I get to the photos, here’s my little “Thank You” for my nephew’s service to our country.

Thanks Zach for serving our country admirably and Thank you Evette for being such a great example of support! Love you guys!!
Thanks Zach for serving our country admirably and Thank you Evette for being such a great example of support! Love you guys!!

For the fans of things Handmade, this set of pictures should strike your fancy. The shop Evette visited was a nice little pottery shop and she did it justice with the photo finds. So without further ado, I present the pottery choices she discovered.

I believe these statues are Shisha Dogs and are used to ward off evil spirits.
I believe these statues are Shisha Dogs and are used to ward off evil spirits.

Not a grand door but I sure could use one of those umbrella holders after the rain we’ve had this year!

Maybe this is the main entrance? or the back entrance? But no shisha dogs guarding it. Once inside though you can see they are well protected with the line up on the shelf.

Personally, that slab table with all the pottery is something else!
Personally, that slab table with all the pottery is something else!
Something for everyone.
Something for everyone.
Pin cushions must be the purpose for these mini yarn balls. Very cute! Hint, hint -Grandma would love this!!
Pin cushions must be the purpose for these mini yarn balls. Very cute! Hint, hint -Grandma would love this!!
Lookie here at this display ya'll!! Buttons!!
Lookie here at this display ya’ll!! Buttons!!

My niece knows my weakness. These are a-door-able!! Thanks once again to my Air Force family for sending over some gems from Okinawa! See you guys soon!!

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Missouri Pacific Depot

I’m sure saving old buildings is a thing.

 I’m just not seeing much of it in my small town. There are plenty of grants out there but I suppose the investment of time is becoming too much for folks these days. So before another one bites the dust, I’m using it for this week’s Thursday Doors entry.

MoPac depotedited

As the pictures says, this is an old depot that was once not so forgotten, the Missouri Pacific Depot. I’m sure these doors have stories to tell. I’ll leave you to wonder what they may be as I give you a few more pictures below.

A pretty hazy day with our unrelenting heat wave. I decided against filters this week. You’re getting the real deal.


The roof is in good condition, at least on this portion.

MoPac11 (2)

Back view with some stairs lying haphhazard.


Many of the rails are gone but we still have these left.

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South Thompson/#thursdaydoors

Keeping it local this Thursday Doors. The art on the side of this garage is hard to ignore, and I apologize, but I’m really not 100% certain on what the painting spells. I’m relying on some of my visitors to give me your opinion.

South Thompson1

The artist may step forward once I share this with Facebook friends? Who knows?! However, my focus was on the doors per the requested topic of each Thursday.


I felt the ‘white hot hue’ of the forground in the middle frame went well with our 4th hottest June on record. I didn’t get out of the vehicle for this photo assembly. Praying for temperature relief for a better photo opportunity soon.

For other wonderful Thursday Doors posts, please visit the blog of Norm 2.0 and follow his directions.