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Riverfront Stadium in Wichita, Kansas has a street address that made me look up the birthplace of Don McLean. You know, the American Pie singer, Chevy to the Levee, etc. But no, he wasn’t born in Wichita. Regardless, today’s Thursday Doors entry is about an all-American kind of location.

This is the minor league baseball stadium of the Wichita Wind Surge team. According to my research, they relocated from the New Orleans suburb of Metairie, Louisiana, after the 2019 season. So it’s a pretty new structure. More ultra-modern and for the sake of this post, Doors = Gates. For ball games, seating capacity reaches 10,025. I like the modern architecture and the giant wall mural. It measures a whopping 2844 feet! I could go on about the mural’s details, but you can check it out in the photo below. Quite a collaborative effort to say the least. Minor league baseball is truly the future of baseball. I wish we could have attended a game but unfortunately, not a game day. Maybe next time. Until then I hope you enjoy the sights and scenes of our drive-by.

Mural at Wichita's Riverfront Stadium
Mural at Wichita’s Riverfront Stadium

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    • My husband just told me that they resemble a back of a jet engine? I don’t know what that looks like but I do know Wichita is a big ‘plane’ manufacturing town so it makes sense to me 😊


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