Corner of Oak and Smith Streets/ ThursdayDoors

The Door Badge
The Finke Building, 1894

Home of The Ruffled Hem, this hometown boutique sits in a very pretty corner location at the intersection of Oak and Smith Streets in California, Missouri. Wish I’d had time to go inside. According to some research, this isn’t the only Finke building so I’m very interested in heading back one day in the future to find out where the others are. Til then, I give you this ‘almost’ corner door. Was it always inset? Or were there doors on the corners before? It’s a lovely spot to me regardless.

Cultural Heritage Center

At the corner of High Street, this building has been renovated and was dedicated in May of 2003. It’s home of the Moniteau County Historical Society. Another corner door but with some bonus doors to boot. The top of the right roofline reads Eitzen Block. Associated with the Eitzen Mansion, previously posted here. The mural last week is along the wall just past that last white door on the left. I apolgize that this photo is foggy, but it’s the only shot and it’s another half-hidden corner door. Do you see the theme this week?

picket fence ‘door’

I was hoping for a balcony door when I first spotted this one, but foiled again. At least the home is gaze-worthy. Hope you can take a few to drop in over at Dan’s at No Facilities to gaze at more wonderful doors from around the world. He will direct your path.



  1. Very good doors. The turret on the first one probably always had that support, so I’m guessing the door was always inset. IT still counts as a corner door in my book. I like the picket fence house.

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