My Inspiration for the Week

I have had a little brainstorming goin on.

Currently I’m finishing up a blanket that I’ll let you see in a few days. Here’s the Yarn I’m using: 790-415a

Pesto Homespun by Lion Brand

But I’m always thinking of “what’s next”?! And I like to do something different than everyone else.

I wanna be the trendsetter.

Lofty ambitions

Anyhoo, I’ve thought up something that I “Need”…..

My current item I am replacing has seen Much better days.

In photos it will include using crochet for edgings:f223900b8f81d9888feffe446d44d085

And It will require some sewing:a3d908c8a2b103c41b3133892195f164

As these are Pinterest photos and I know the websites they came from, I’m going to do the right thing and give credit where it’s due.

So thank you to:

Stay tuned……..



The Leprechauns Made Me Do It

Getting a running jump ahead to St. Patrick’s Day. The item here is a hand crocheted brooch with leaf pin ready to purchase.

Check out other crocheted items and more at the shop.

Katy Trail Creations


& remember,

everyone’s Irish on March 17th!!

If I Died Tomorrow… This is What I Would Want You To Remember of Me!

I know a few choice high schoolers who could use these words of wisdom. Who ever said crochet isn’t important?? We have much time to think and contemplate ‘between the stitches’
Way to go Mikey!!

Knot Just Yarn Blog

I get discouraging emails from people who cross compare their lives, their skills and make assumptions based on what others have achieved or have ‘perceived’ to have achieved.

Though society claims to be community oriented and for the betterment of human kind, truth is this… and some of you will jump up and say Halleluiah and others will be in strong self denial. We as a human race are conditioned to be competitive and selfish. This my friends is what leads many of us, including me, into depressive states of mind and much more.

Today, while reading the inbox. A woman is really down on herself that she is unable to accomplish what others have on The Crochet Crowd. The projects she does isn’t to the caliber of others posting. She’s upset and feels she will never be good enough.


If I died tomorrow, please remember…

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The Foundation

I’m not talking crochet today.
And this won’t be a “Pretty” picture post.


We had some major fixing to do on our home. The foundation was broke.


Other words….separating, splitting up, falling apart, coming apart…..Plain ol’ Broke.

In fact once they started moving the foundation to its correct position, this piece just fell out.


IMG_2110 IMG_2098.jpga

More photos of the system used to straighten it up.

Did I mention this is Expensive?



The “bonus” was for us was they were able to remove the bushes that have been in front of our home since 1988. Yes we have been here that long.                                 We are truly Katy Trail Natives.

Momma Makes “Pink” Divinity

I don’t know what it is but that “pink” makes it so-o-o-o good.

It melts in your mouth better than cotton candy.

I’ve searched online recipes and most divinity is white.

They just don’t understand the difference a little pink will make.

In honor of my momma’s divinity (which I should put a patent on) here’s my latest

Etsy treasury to help show off my Team Heartland friends’ stores.

In the mean time, I’m putting in a request to my mother asap. I’ll send pictures. 🙂



Thanks to Terri from “Inspireren” for letting me post her photo