My Day Job

When I’m not creating for Etsy and friends/family, There’s my Day Job. IMG_1650

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Slippery Endeavor

Waddaya do when one of your daycare children loses their shoes?  Can’t drive to the store, can’t order shoes in same day, and Mom is broke.

So feeling under the weather (again) this weekend, I took some time to try out some crocheted slippers.


This is one of the pair.


The only problem is this pair fit a 5 year old.

The child in question is 16 months. Oops!

Time to reconfigure.

We’ll add these to the dress up prop box.

Til next time…….

Crocheting Instructions

I follow The Crochet Crowd on Facebook. This morning I’m sharing how to crochet those ruffley scarves you see at the craft shows. It’s pretty darn easy and you’d be able to “make it yourself”!

Watch the video by clicking on the link under the picture and go grab your hook!


Have a great weekend!!!

Mossy Oak Style



The latest addition to Katy Trail Creations on Etsy…..Hand made by “me”, Mossy Oak fabric in my Microwave Potato Bag. Here’s the link:


Happy Thursday Everyone!!!