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Sharing some stuff I’ve posted from Instagram this week. Some fit into the Thursday Doors realm and some are just photos I like and hope you do too.

From Wichita, Kansas.
From Wichita, Kansas.

The photo prompt was ‘an old car’. I was stretching it a bit, but here it is.

‘Still Life”

The staring contest went on for a good 5 minutes. The squirrel eventually got up to the glass and then the magic ended. Baby girl decided to squeal 🙂 Personally think this is one of my best Thursday Doors photos ever. But you know, I’m partial to the babies.

The prompt was “Black and White” so I did a before and after shot of my showstopper burgundy sunflowers. Thanks to my sister for getting me started last summer on the different variety. I have some beautiful goldfinches who hang out in the garden now thanks to these beauties.



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