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Welcome to my entry for this week’s Thursday Doors challenge. Drove around Kanopolis, Kansas and discovered a museum in the middle of town. I hope you’ll enjoy the doors and story about Fort Harker from this nearly, central part of the state.

Built in 1866, Fort Harker replaced Fort Ellsworth which was less than a mile away. This new location became one of the most important military stations west of the Missouri River. By 1867, rail was completed to this fort and was its major supply link to the East. Within that same year, the fort upheld a four-company garrison, the supply depot and over 75 buildings.

In June of 1867, 155 years ago, an Asiatic cholera took the lives of 58 souls just in that one month. 892 cases were counted by the end of that year with more deaths tallied. General George Custer’s cavalry wintered here in 1869. Point to Ponder: How different history’s outcome of the indian wars may have been if they’d arrived a couple years earlier.

Fort Harker Commanding Officers Quarters

Some extras of the museum and Kanopolis city proper. Now a town that’s a piece of the Rural America legacy.

Update you on the air conditioning saga–we endured 11 days with some days heat indices in the 100+ range. Brutal! Such a tiring week and thankful for the upcoming 3-day weekend. Thanks for stopping by for a piece of Americana in this Thursday Doors contribution. For more wonderful entries, please stop at Dan’s, No Facilities for the directory.

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