Upcycled From My Closet/Letter U

I probably save too much stuff. But this is one fabric I really liked and couldn’t part with. So it is about to become a useful item. A bib. Something I need a lot of in my profession. And to be perfectly up front, I’ve even had requests for adult bibs. You just never know how large you’ll need to make  one 😉 But for the sake of this post, it’s for the babies.
Bib collage

As you can see in the beginning tutorial above, it’s pretty much a straightforward idea.

I just wanted to show some minor improvements you’ll want to be aware of…Ironing is the best way to get a more desirable appearance.


Also be sure to clip those curves. Home Economics class  101 lesson right here.


Turn right sides out, press (again), pin opening closed and top stitch.


All you need now is to decide if you want Velcro or Snaps for your closure. I don’t recommend Buttons. It’s better for it to be able to break free from babies who are learning to pull (or throwing a tantrum). Your daily baby care dose 🙂

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  1. I am still laughing over the adult bib. But it’s NOT funny. Seriously, every time we have something messy for dinner like spaghetti, I grab the kitchen towel. My husband invariably will end up with a spaghetti dribble on his shirt while I’m still pristine! We’ve joked about needing bibs. When my girls will little, my favorite bibs for them were made from hand towels , I think. A smart crafter cut a hole and attached a circular band of stretchy material (like cuffs are sometimes made of). No snap, no velcro – just pop over their head.

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    • I really do sell those lol. You’d be surprised 😉 I figure they don’t believe anyone will witness them in their homes.
      Thanks for understanding my humor and visiting.


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