Table Talk/ Letter T

Just finished a table runner with some pastels. Went with the baby blue for the binding and machine quilted by stitch in the ditch fashion. Perfect for an outdoor spring setting or even a lap warmer for chilly evenings.

Some past runners


and a crocheted one…


All this has me wondering how many still have dinner at the table these days? Do you most of the time or just on special occasions? Or only at restaurants? Would a ‘dressed-up’ table be more inviting to your everyday meals?

Growing up we always ate at the table and so has my own family. I highly recommend dinner together. I’m proud to say that when my grown children are home at lunch during the daycare mealtime, they grab a plate, sit with us at the table and converse. No cell phones. Just plugged-in to our voices. And the little ones take notice, believe me. Of course, Mom’s cookin’ might have a little to do with it.



  1. I haven’t made any table runners yet. I like what you have done. They are fast and easy, aren’t they? My next project will be Christmas lap quilts.
    Growing up we always had a sit down dinner together. My parents would even entertain on Sundays.
    Now, only special occasions but I do keep a tablecloth and seasonal flowers in a vase.

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