Letter R for Rambler/ AtoZ 2019

The April A to Z Challenge is in its tenth year, I’ve now participated for 6 of those years, and this year will be my 3rd quilt theme. It’s my first quilt using only patterns from the Kansas City Star newspaper archives. Welcome to my blog!

The Rambler pattern in 1929 in the Kansas City Star recommended rose,pink, green and white to resemble a rambling rose. These days you can still find wild roses blooming in rural Missouri and the Midwest. But …….

Did You Know?

There are over 150 species of roses and thousands of hybrids available in pretty much whatever color you desire. You can even dip them in a favorite color if that isn’t enough. So I present today my version of the redraft Rambler in My color choice.

1929 Rambler from the Kansas City Star as in Star Quilts
1929 Rambler from the Kansas City Star as in Star Quilts

Earlier in an A to Z 2019 post I’d mentioned I had neglected to show the whole process in creating Flying Geese blocks. So I’ve decided to remedy that in a picture tutorial for your viewing in case you decide to take the leap into the world of quilting. It’s the easiest method I’ve found. I definitely recommend it. For you mathmeticians out there who want a smaller block, simply figure your ratios and you can create any size you desire. These are going into the 12 inch block, Rambler.

Flying Geese Picture Tutorial
Flying Geese Picture Tutorial

Finally, I present the Rambler redraft in my own color choices. No green for me. No Pink either. I kinda like it this way.

Rambler completed
Rambler completed

The rest of my 4-day weekend is to be spent sewing. I have gotten behind and I do Not like it one bit! Thank heaven for some time off and Happy Easter to those celebrating.

Come back here Monday for another quilt block for the A to Z Challenge! Also be sure to visit the home of the A to Z here and see other entrants challenge posts. There are excellent writers participating every year with topics in whatever you’re interested in

Framed/Sunday Sampler

I recently read something that said, “Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.” What a great way to describe my latest Sunday Sampler finished project.

In a prior post, I showed a gift from Aunt Maybelle and my plan for it. This was my Christmas break undertaking. It was time to do some quilting that had been on the backburner for a bit due to life in general. Here’s a picture to refresh your memory. ChristmasEveBlog2

I’m please to say the block is completed and ready to put on display. Before going further, I wanted to share a picture tutorial of one way to display a single quilt block should you ever find yourself in possession of one of these gems.

A slide show seems to be the best format for today’s share. So hope you enjoy seeing the process I chose to complete my latest piece of hand quilting.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And for the finale’, I present The Dresden Plate. The start of my own “Beloved” unique wall ‘plate’ collection.

Thank you so much Aunt Maybelle! I am extremely lucky to have such a great encourager of my hobby! Love you bunches!


Upcycled From My Closet/Letter U

I probably save too much stuff. But this is one fabric I really liked and couldn’t part with. So it is about to become a useful item. A bib. Something I need a lot of in my profession. And to be perfectly up front, I’ve even had requests for adult bibs. You just never know how large you’ll need to make  one 😉 But for the sake of this post, it’s for the babies.
Bib collage

As you can see in the beginning tutorial above, it’s pretty much a straightforward idea.

I just wanted to show some minor improvements you’ll want to be aware of…Ironing is the best way to get a more desirable appearance.


Also be sure to clip those curves. Home Economics class  101 lesson right here.


Turn right sides out, press (again), pin opening closed and top stitch.


All you need now is to decide if you want Velcro or Snaps for your closure. I don’t recommend Buttons. It’s better for it to be able to break free from babies who are learning to pull (or throwing a tantrum). Your daily baby care dose 🙂

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An Elephant Emphasis

For “E” you get a tutorial in pictures. An Elephant Neck Rest Pillow is the final product.

Elephant Neck Rest/Pillow

Elephant Neck Rest/Pillow

Elephant tutorial 1

  The piece on the right is the ear. You can use same or complimentary fabrics for the front and back.

Elephant Tuturial 2

Be sure to clip curves for a neater finish.

Elephant 3

Leave an opening when sewing right sides together for filling your elephant with stuffing. Hand sew opening closed when satisfied with the loftiness of your neckrest. (Hint: you may want to use the eraser end of a pencil to poke stuffing into the trunk or legs.)

Can you imagine another animal as a neckrest? I chose elephant because our family is notorious in these parts for our “White Elephant Party” each Christmas.

Here’s an oldie but a goodie of one of our gatherings.  Enjoy


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