Varnished/ Letter V

I was knee-deep in a blanket project request from my one and only sister

blankets for twin girls

when I got another request. This was on January 6.


This person asked if I could make an entire kerchief with lace as in this kerchief edging.

IMG_4258 (2)AAnd so the quest was on.

After much pattern deliberation, and the purchase of a larger ball of crochet thread, I began what I hope will be to her satisfaction.

Leather and lace

The reason I chose ‘Varnished’ for my blog title is to be seen below……

I needed a model and Rachel had a case of the giggles. I’m glad she’d only had 1 margarita and was not Varnished.

So what do you think the Verdict will be?? Will this be Victorious?  I’d appreciate your Vote!

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