The Zipper’s End/ Letter Z

I had the plan for the last A to Z post with a Zipper Pouch.

IMG_4923 Zipper stash.(auction find for a dollar. For Real!)







Pretty Fabric (furniture store discarded samples. Score!)







I even had a finished zipper pouch. There was just a minor issue.

The Zipper stuck.

I don’t mean hard to open. It. Is. Jammed. I will have to chop off the top part or else take a seam ripper to it and hope I don’t snag the satiny finish. It may be Z end for this one. ūüė¶

But as I sat in my easy chair crocheting and stewing over that danged zipper, my hubby gave me his opinion on my latest finished item. Two words came out of his mouth.

Rorschach Test.

You now have a chance to give your opinion of what you see. I wasn’t looking for an end to the 2016 A to Z Challenge with this, but it’s what you get when the zippers stuck.

Quote: Take time to be kind and to say ‘thank you.’ Zig Ziglar

Thank you for your time. ūüôā

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Yearning/ Letter Y

Yearning for more time to be creative?

I have a small list of ideas:

  • Have Projects ready to go and ask your significant other to¬†drive (if you don’t suffer from carsickness)
  • They make these File_000 (21)for night reading. I use while hubby is driving (not to be used to blind other passengers. Point it Down.
  • There are also lighted crochet hooks but they blind Me. I’ve got mine in some project bag around here or I’d prove it. ūüôā
  • Phone calls? Put it on speaker phone (get permission 1st)
  • Multi-task:Watch tv with needles in hand.
  • Computer slow? (mine is in dinosaur mode) Keep your project at the ready.
  • When baby is asleep, do your catching up. Laundry won’t go anywhere, trust me.
  • For you who have regular coffee breaks at work, remember it’s coffee, sugar, cream & needles.
  • Long Dr. wait? Or hair being processed? Yep. You get the idea.
  • Try giving yourself some motivation to completing a project. Treats and rewards are permitted.
  • Make a checklist. Use that storage on your cell phone for your memory. Not just the calendar section.
  • And my personal favorite: You can teach children your craft on those long, lazy¬†summer afternoons. Sit them beside you and work (Pursue your indulgence) away.

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The Xperiment/Letter X

I hadn’t yet spent my Christmas cash from my Mother-in-law and so a couple weeks ago, I did some Internet window shopping. One of my purchases was this book….File_001 (4)

Trying something new is another way to say ‘Experiment’.

File_000 (22)Here is a stitch I decided on. The book description said there were 61 stitches to choose from. This is a Tunisian Pearl Stitch and is supposed to be one of the simpler ones.

File_002 (4).jpeg

Here’s the foundation row. It is twisted on my needle and that is a testament to the fact that I’m new at this. Also this is probably as close to knitting as I’ll ever come.

File_001 (3).jpeg

At this point I’m still not sure how it’s going to look like the picture. I learn that I’m not using the vertical posts, but the horizontal ones. oops.

File_000 (21).jpeg

I kept going and never did redo (also called rip out) that first bad row. Adding character as I go I suppose.

What do I think of Tunisian Crochet?

  1. Too soon to tell.
  2. Going to need longer needles for any hope of making a blanket(afghan)
  3. Need to wonder about using cotton thread versus acrylic since I could use the stretch about now.
  4. Did you know that even though you don’t have carpal tunnel, you can still have digits go numb?

Point to Ponder: Be careful of Experiments!!

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Wake Up Little Susie Sheet/ Letter W

Way back when I first began my childcare career, one of the first things I learned to make for the children were homemade sheets. The ‘choosing of the sheet’ is like picking out your favorite toy when it comes to naptime. It has became a favorite weekly tradition and it has helped those who aren’t really too fond of lying down be more favorable towards the notion. I’m not immune to pulling all the stops. I’d rather win than be weary.

The timing of this A to Z Challenge worked out well as I have some sheets that are overly used and need replaced. Showing you a pictorial of how I make mine. The instructions are usable for any cot or mattress. You’ll just need to measure them first. Depth, Width and Length. My tutorial is basic and is just a guideline.¬†¬†Hope you’ll be inspired.

Cot Tutorial 1

Photo collage 1


Part 2 Cot Tutorial

Photo collage 2

Size small cot

Blankets slip and slide and can bunch up in children’s faces.

Large cot pic

Couldn’t resist¬†sharing a little Everly Brothers this A to Z Wednesday!




Varnished/ Letter V

I was knee-deep in a blanket project request from my one and only sister


blankets for twin girls

when I got another request. This was on January 6.


This person asked if I could make an entire kerchief with lace as in this kerchief edging.

IMG_4258 (2)AAnd so the quest was on.

After much pattern deliberation, and the purchase of a larger ball of crochet thread, I began what I hope will be to her satisfaction.


Leather and lace

The reason I chose ‘Varnished’ for my blog title is to be seen below……

I needed a model and Rachel had a case of the giggles. I’m glad she’d only had 1 margarita and was not Varnished.

So what do you think the Verdict will be?? Will this be Victorious? ¬†I’d appreciate your Vote!

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Upcycled From My Closet/Letter U

I probably save too much stuff. But this¬†is one fabric I really liked and couldn’t part with. So it is about to become a useful item. A bib. Something I need a lot of in my profession.¬†And to be perfectly up front, I’ve even had requests for adult bibs. You just never know how large you’ll need to make¬† one ūüėČ But¬†for the sake of this post, it’s for the babies.
Bib collage

As you can see in the beginning tutorial above, it’s pretty much a straightforward idea.

I just wanted to show some minor improvements you’ll want to be aware of…Ironing is the best way to get a more desirable appearance.


Also be sure to clip those curves. Home Economics class  101 lesson right here.


Turn right sides out, press (again), pin opening closed and top stitch.


All you need now is to decide if you want Velcro or Snaps for your closure. I don’t recommend Buttons. It’s better for it to be able to break free from¬†babies who are learning to pull (or throwing a tantrum).¬†Your daily baby care dose ūüôā

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Table Talk/ Letter T

Just finished a table runner with some pastels. Went with the baby blue for the binding and machine quilted by stitch in the ditch fashion. Perfect for an outdoor spring setting or even a lap warmer for chilly evenings.

Some past runners


and a crocheted one…


All this has me wondering how many still have dinner at the table these days? Do you most of the time or just on special occasions? Or only at restaurants? Would a ‘dressed-up’ table be more inviting to your everyday meals?

Growing up we always ate at the table and so has my own family. I highly recommend dinner together. I’m proud to say that when my grown¬†children are home at lunch during the daycare mealtime, they grab a plate, sit with us at the¬†table and converse. No cell phones. Just plugged-in to our voices. And the little ones¬†take notice, believe me. Of course, Mom’s cookin’ might have a little to do with it.

Sharpies & Super Heros/ Letter S

Ever see something and know you can make it yourself,  And do it in multiples for someone you adore?? Or more than one someone?


Notice the bedraggled state of my home. My ‘Normal’ on a daily basis. Soapbox moment:¬† Can’t stand messiness? Get an office job.

Who could resist making more dress-up gear for this face??


This Sharpie-Wielding Sewer has traced this Super Hero garb and has a Strategy!

Which super hero would you want to be?

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No Ragrets/ Letter R

File_002 (3)

Rachel was turning¬†9 and I was determined to make her a quilt. Time was short and I needed one pretty quickly. The theme would be ‘puppies’. We had a golden retriever puppy that we all loved so! He was officially ‘Sir Duke Flash Finnell’ on his AKC Paperwork. He jumpstarted my quilt project being he was the object of so¬†much love and affection.

File_002 (2)rag quilt

Close up of back and front views.

dog quote

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Quilt Names/ Letter Q


A page excerpt from the journal dated July 2002.

File_003 (2)cropped

I let my daughter name this one as it tells in the entry.

Quilts are known usually by their quilt blocks used. Since this one used all hand-cut appliques created by myself, I chose to give its entire composition the name. I have a similar one hanging in my bedroom above my bed in navy and white. IMG_4851a (2)

Made for a full/queen sized bed.

Hand quilted and hand appliqued.


Signature not the neatest looking on this printed Chantilly lace-type yellow backing. I love yellow. The name chosen by who knows because I didn’t document this one. Until now. ūüėČ

The 3rd applique quilt, also undocumented & the last in the applique trilogy.  I will only post a picture for you. Keeping with the A to Z quick-reading plan.quilt3

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