New Badge and Some Old Houses/ThursdayDoors

Congratulations Teagan!

Welcome to this first Thursday Doors of 2022! I want to send my congratulations to Teagan on her Badge Contest win as well. Adds a very nice touch to our weekly challenge!

For my entry this week, think August, summertime and green grass. The doors I’m sharing are from the heart of Kansas in Lindsborg. Many of us here are sitting at home in extra layers and sweaters as the cold northern air has finally punched into central Missouri. Took longer than usual this winter. My hope is that these scenes of summer will warm you a little—and remind myself that at least I won’t have to cut the lawn for a few months.

Little Beige House

I like this screen door. Notice the little dala horse dangling on the front porch? That is the Swedish tradition this little town touts. And they do it well.

Dala Horse Profile

Here’s an example next to the Strike a Pose mural. More of downtown later. And by later, I mean next summer. I will have my walking shoes ready to go!

Was I craning my neck for this one? Yep. I like the style of this 2-story, 2-front-door home. I’d definitely have walkways to both doors with some plants gathering the sunshine. Notice dala horse figurine hanging on the entry porch here too.

Could be a diamond in the rough

With a little TLC, this would be a great home. I personally like that triple pane front door. Reminds me of my Aunt Ida’s Craftman’s-style door.

My Kansan Transplant

And finally, Mom moment with our evening meal prep; being the reason for a little delay in posting. We had some Julia Child cuisine, Coq Au Vin, translated is Rooster in Wine. Worth being late for the blog, trust me.

Hope you will take some time and visit Dan at No Facilities as he will happily direct you to the other entries for the week.



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