Trio On Main Street/ThursdayDoors

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Good things come in three’s. Three French Hens, The Three Little PIgs, A Three Ring Circus (my house sometimes), The Triple Crown, The Bee Gees, The Trinity. In English Comp there was also the Rule of 3– 3 sentences to describe the main idea, although I was never too good at following that one. Oh, and let us never forget the rule of thirds in photography. So offering you up some local doors in a triple set this Thursday Doors.

They have a back door I wasn’t aware of until I visited their site so posting their pic and web address with appropriate credit below.

Rear-facing door photo from the website of The Art Room

So to check out the happenings at this venue, click here. And to find more door fabulousness, check out No Facilities where Dan leads us each week.



    • Thank you for the compliment! Lange Feeds has been around for many years and where my parents did business for our various cattle ‘pets’. I was spoiled with a small horse and only gave her the best diet😊

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