Down the Road a Piece/ThursdayDoors

It’s Thursday once again and time for another doors donation. This week I’m using photos taken while I was accompanied by my youngest daughter. Kirsten did me the courtesy of driving to and from Green Ridge to pay a visit for Mother’s Day. Was glad for a drive without rain. We’ve been getting our share lately and getting photos is easier when it’s dry outdoors. Plus, it makes for a lovely Mother’s Day!

Could be a road going anywhere.
Big Red Barn

The first barn we found to be photo-worthy — as well as not too far off into the horizon for our cell phone cameras. There’s only so much that these devices can capture where distance is involved.

A beauty!!

Most definitely, without a doubt, a full force, working barn in its prime. And it was once as red as the last one. I hope the owners realize it’s a keeper. So tired of seeing them fall into decay and let go.

With a splash of purple in the fence row.

This last one is all about the composition. Wooden fence in the foreground and the metal shed tucked into the treeline. I can also hear voices from the past hollaring “Shut the door, ya think we live in a barn?!” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Happy to have you stop by! Hope you will head on over to Dan’s at No Facilities to see what everyone else has been up to in the Thursday Doors realm. He’ll direct you to the rest of us.



  1. I love those barns! I do hope the owners keep the in good working order. I love seeing these along the road as I’m driving. I do like your last photo. You’re right about the composition – it works!

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  2. Sorry have been AWOL last few weeks, because I was in transition with my blog, trying to find more time for painting/art.Love these huge barns, especially when they’re red! You don’t see these in Holland (cotntry of origin) Have a lovely weekend, Cathy! Jesh

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    • Glad youโ€™re getting settled in. I bet Holland has plenty of gems of its own ๐Ÿ˜Š Iโ€™ll be stopping by to check out your new space. Enjoy your weekend as well!


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