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This week I’m taking you down memory lane to honor my grandmother who passed on April 27, 2000–21 years and one month ago today. Hard to believe 21 years have passed! The only door you will see is the one I’m about to show you, and if you’re not interested in old family photos, I respect your decision to move on to the next. But for me, the house is no longer standing, and I owe a little thanks to my cousin Joyce who shared family photos with me and my sister. We treasure each one! Joyce, I took the house photo a year before it was torn down. Hope you can click and save for your own treasury. I’d venture to say it’s possibly the latest version before the demolition.

The address is 1010 East Broadway in Sedalia, Missouri. The door lying on it’s side is most likely an interior door someone was discarding. The door it’s blocking takes you into a bedroom. There’s a door to the right of it that was the main entry door to the living room where you would always feel welcome. I could go on and on about specific memories, but today, it’s Thursday Doors and I promised a photo.

It passed hands a few times after Grandma was moved out.

One more thing before I move on. The walls were made with balloon framing. For the uninitiated, balloon-framing is a building method in which the wall studs run the entire height of the outside walls from the mudsills to the roof plates. The floor joists for the second floor were usually supported on a ledger or ribbon that was let into the studs. You ask me how I know this….while my husband and a brother-in-law were trying to replace a window air conditioner, the wall began to move. The entire wall. It was an oh- crap moment. Thankfully disaster was averted as my grandmother and I were indoors at the time. And, honestly, it could have been bad for all of us. So, while I am vexed at it being demolished, I have this bit of inside information that demands me to realize it is for the best. Now for the family pics.

This wraps up my contribution for Thursday Doors this week. I do hope you’ll drop by Dan’s place at No Facilities to see the other door enthusiasts from around the world.



  1. This is a wonderful contribution. I know exactly what you mean when you say your go through a door and were always welcome. Some people had the ability to make everyone in their home feel welcome. Thanks for sharing your special memories with us.

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