Yearning/ Letter Y

Yearning for more time to be creative?

I have a small list of ideas:

  • Have Projects ready to go and ask your significant other to drive (if you don’t suffer from carsickness)
  • They make these File_000 (21)for night reading. I use while hubby is driving (not to be used to blind other passengers. Point it Down.
  • There are also lighted crochet hooks but they blind Me. I’ve got mine in some project bag around here or I’d prove it. 🙂
  • Phone calls? Put it on speaker phone (get permission 1st)
  • Multi-task:Watch tv with needles in hand.
  • Computer slow? (mine is in dinosaur mode) Keep your project at the ready.
  • When baby is asleep, do your catching up. Laundry won’t go anywhere, trust me.
  • For you who have regular coffee breaks at work, remember it’s coffee, sugar, cream & needles.
  • Long Dr. wait? Or hair being processed? Yep. You get the idea.
  • Try giving yourself some motivation to completing a project. Treats and rewards are permitted.
  • Make a checklist. Use that storage on your cell phone for your memory. Not just the calendar section.
  • And my personal favorite: You can teach children your craft on those long, lazy summer afternoons. Sit them beside you and work (Pursue your indulgence) away.

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