No Ragrets/ Letter R

File_002 (3)

Rachel was turning 9 and I was determined to make her a quilt. Time was short and I needed one pretty quickly. The theme would be ‘puppies’. We had a golden retriever puppy that we all loved so! He was officially ‘Sir Duke Flash Finnell’ on his AKC Paperwork. He jumpstarted my quilt project being he was the object of so much love and affection.

File_002 (2)rag quilt
Close up of back and front views.

dog quote

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  1. Out blog hopping from North Carolina during the #Challenge. Beautiful quilts as I scrolled back through your posts. I spent some time learning something about quilting, even did one for amy dollhouse. (An adult hobby) Soon I was back to enjoying work by others. Visiting you on the R letter day. I have been writing about hotels and inns and today it is about a hotel in Rome, Italy that I used in a second novel. I wish I were writing to you from there tonight, but having fun with the AtoZ, nonetheless. Hope you are too. Come see me if you have time or interest. Cheers.

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    • Wish I were in Italy too! We are fans of Italian food and I even painted my kitchen in a Tuscan color. Thank you so much for taking a little stroll through my posts and letting me hear from you! I’ll be stopping by soon 🙂


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