The Xperiment/Letter X

I hadn’t yet spent my Christmas cash from my Mother-in-law and so a couple weeks ago, I did some Internet window shopping. One of my purchases was this book….File_001 (4)

Trying something new is another way to say ‘Experiment’.

File_000 (22)Here is a stitch I decided on. The book description said there were 61 stitches to choose from. This is a Tunisian Pearl Stitch and is supposed to be one of the simpler ones.

File_002 (4).jpeg

Here’s the foundation row. It is twisted on my needle and that is a testament to the fact that I’m new at this. Also this is probably as close to knitting as I’ll ever come.

File_001 (3).jpeg

At this point I’m still not sure how it’s going to look like the picture. I learn that I’m not using the vertical posts, but the horizontal ones. oops.

File_000 (21).jpeg

I kept going and never did redo (also called rip out) that first bad row. Adding character as I go I suppose.

What do I think of Tunisian Crochet?

  1. Too soon to tell.
  2. Going to need longer needles for any hope of making a blanket(afghan)
  3. Need to wonder about using cotton thread versus acrylic since I could use the stretch about now.
  4. Did you know that even though you don’t have carpal tunnel, you can still have digits go numb?

Point to Ponder: Be careful of Experiments!!

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