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About a week ago, my hubs & I witnessed something we’d never seen before. A building that has exchanged hands several times has been undergoing restoring. Restoring for more than 15 years so we were shocked. And the sight—lights turned on Inside the tower! Lucky for us we were at a stop light and were able to stare for a bit and gather our composure. And then, the camera went to work. But only got a couple shots. You know, the lights change and cars behind you get cranky if they have to wait. #thursdaydoorprobs (Could a post on this topic count in the future??)

A bit of history on the Missouri/Sedalia Trust Company. Also known as the Koppen Trust Company was built in 1887 and once a bank. A “limestone building with Renaissance Revival and Romanesque Revival style design elements.” On the National Register of Historic Places since 1983. What I know about this building is the near failure when the building started losing bricks after a fire in 1997. Bought, sold, bought and sold to various persons with plans for restoration, but who often ran out of funds before they could complete the project. Could be they wanted to restore it to the following decadent description.

In June of 1889, the following account was given at the dedication of the commercial club rooms:  “The second floor has four large rooms, three reception rooms and a smoking room and reading room. These were connected by folding portiered doors. The walls are hung with heavy hand-forged Lincrusta Walton in gilt and tan relief with a dado in gilt and mahogany. The ceiling and frieze is decorated to softly harmonize in shade.   Designers were Fellows and Eastey of 208 South Ohio.
     “The floors are covered with the best make of imported Crossley velvet in mahogany shades.  There is also a number of Smyrna and Persian rugs. Curtains and drapes are of the finest imported lace and madras furnished by John Walmsley and Minter Brothers. The building illumination is provided by chandeliers of hammered brass with Venetian globes.  These were furnished by D.I. Holcomb.”   The interior work was done by Maurice Barretts Sash, Door, Blinds and Moulding Factory.
Source: http://www.sedaliatrust.com/history–architecture.html

Took the 2 photos above within the last month.

An Older photo from my stash. The fire escape stairs have been removed now and doors replaced with windows. Should have taken more photos from the other vantage point. Hindsight…

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This Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken & Will Ferrell never gets old.


  1. That’s a cool looking building. Interesting to catch it with the lights on. I’m trying to imagine those rooms from the description. I’ve been inside a few places (for meeting) like that and it’s always been amazing to think about enjoying a regular presence there. Love the banjo humor today.

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