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No disrespect meant to our Western Hemisphere friends, the Canadians, but for the purpose of this blog post, I’m referring to the North on the other side of the pond, Norway. I have a wonderful penpal who is also a blogger. We have lots in common. We quilt, embroider, make things with yarn–she knits, I crochet. We both are very family oriented folks. We also enjoy getting out in the great outdoors. But I will confess that she’s much better at that in the winter than I am. I’m a garden-season-outdoorsy gal through and through. Winters are for hibernation.

But thanks to her, I have some beautiful Thursday Doors for you this week. To visit Norway in person would be pretty farfetched for me. First, I cannot walk on ice without those ice grabbers or lots of ice melt/salt/sand/ice thaw applied. I cannot skate, even on roller varieties. It would be a disaster. There might even be a 4th knee surgery involved. There would be lots more stories to tell you here. But that’s not a plan we will see put in place. You get photos from the wonderful world of the internet via my kind and generous, friend, Marit.

Thank you for dropping in this Thursday and I hope you will take a few to visit the other participants over at Dan’s No Facilities. I’ve also included a link to Marit’s blog. You’ll get to see her needlework as well. A very talented lady!



  1. I will never get to Norway either, so thank your special blogging friend, Marit, for this wonderful peek into her beautiful country. I love the bright door colors, the garage doors, and the unique architecture. It reminds me a little of when we visited Ireland but no snow or ice. 🙂

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  2. The doors are great and I also like the house with the plants on top. I find roofs like that so interesting. My s-i-l and b-i-l now live in Norway so I hope to have Norwegian doors at some time the future–the summer/fall future! 🙂


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  3. The doors are so cheerful, painted in bright colors.

    I wonder what was the temperature. It looks extremely cold. The coldest I’ve been outdoors was during a winter in Brasov, Romania. It was minus 16 degrees Celsius – about 3 Fahrenheit if I’m right. And the streets were flooded with people at 6pm.

    I find it interesting that the houses are not very tall, which tells me there might be strong winds there – maybe why the gorgeous house is nestled among hills.
    Yet the streets are wide, maybe to allow for sunlight to reach. But this also tells me that the town is young, maybe not older than 100 years. But here I could be wrong.

    I hope you will show us more pictures from Norway 🙂 The steeple was a work of art!

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  4. I’m looking forward to her reply 🙂

    This charming town reminded me of Romania’s villages. Which are just as lovely. It’s fascinating how weather can influence lifestyles and life choices, something we (city dwellers) take for granted (I know I do).

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  5. Good afternoon Marit and thank you for your lovely comment 🙂 Røros is a beautiful town with lots of character. I am impressed at how wide the streets are. Beautiful. And cold. But mostly charismatic.
    I hope we will be spoiled with more pictures in the future.
    Best wishes from Patricia, a Romanian living in South Africa 🌍

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  6. ,Thank you so much for sharing the photos from Røros, and thank you Marit for sharing them with us. I couldn’t help myself. I got on Google Earth and checked out Røros for myself and in particular the Church there. Such a quaint and beautiful place and I would love to go there. I found this YouTube clip showing a walk through the streets which someone might be interested in seeing:
    Best wishes,

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    • Thank you for sharing the link! I like hearing the city’s name pronounced in the video. And when Marit told me the age of this heritage site I knew it must be rich in history. So thoughtful of you to insert this information. And of course I went to my own address next and looks like they’ve finally updated. Last time I searched it showed a 2014 version of home. Thanks again for your input and your visit!


  7. Røros Norway… especially beautiful with snow and there are wonderful paintings by Harald Sohlberg (1869 – 1935).
    I also have wonderful blog friendships… Blog writing connects the world.
    Many greetings to you and hug from Viola


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