Hickory Point Road/ThursdayDoors


Deep into some quilt-making this week so I’m keeping it short for Thursday Doors. I did take a breather yesterday because it’s not always you get 60 degree temps on the first day of March. It was so lovely to have sunshine for the following photos. This gem is located just north of Green Ridge, Missouri. Hope you enjoy it.

If we had scent-o-gram, I’d share the cedar aroma. Probably allergic to it but it still smells wonderful!

We never know when these structures may fall to the elements so keeping these photo-documents seems rather important. Before this barn though, we were drawn to take a photo of the little stone structure not far from it.

Not sure if these are limestone or just paint that has faded?

Each of my photos this week seem to have the ‘Open Door’ policy. Dan at No Facilities also has that frame of mind for our door donations thankfully. Please head over to see what contributions are on his blog.



  1. Haha on the joke! And, ouch for the poor guy’s eye! Ha. I saw you got your Etsy shop open! Yay. Hope that means your husband is doing ok. I favorited one of your items on there- cloth napkins! Love these barn doors.

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    • Glad you like that humor 🙃 and shop is open for now. Hoping for few interruptions but time will tell. Hubs is home but the journey is not over. Outlook is better but the treatments continue. Thank you very much for asking. It means a lot!

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      • You’re very welcome. I’ve been wondering how he’s doing since we first ‘met’ on that post about the Katy Trail. Sounds encouraging that the outlook is better. Bet it’s nice to be home.

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