Farm on the Right/ThursdayDoors


Joining Thursday Doors this week. I always feel bad when I miss one. Just being my own best critic is the name of that tune. But I’m here this time and hope you’ll enjoy the simplicity of rural America–specifically in central Missouri.

Trees are bare but still not the best view

This is a cozy little farmhouse with plenty of outbuildings and barns. I counted 6 buildings in this shot, not including the home. For photo clarity, as most of my fellow door enthusiasts know, it truly helps to just roll that window down. Even in the month of January, just zip up the parka and go for it! It looks way warmer than it was that day for the record.

No Obstructions

And after all that effort, the door is replaced by a window. But I still love the looks of it.

One truck door, one garage door & a gate

And I believe there were more than 6 buildings now. But we’ll just have to wonder as I’m not likely to return anytime soon for a redo. And speaking of redo’s, I always try to mention Dan at No Facilities who leads the Thursday Doors challenge. Please give him and the other door seekers a visit. Great way to see the world without breaking the bank.

Did you know Ralph Stanley was awarded an honorary doctorate in 1976?


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