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Writing on the hub’s laptop today for a change. I decided to use up some ‘old stock’ in the photo department. I’m actually raiding his photos but he won’t mind. I could go into the topic of classified documents, but forget I said that. Moving on…..

From the top of the hill

This is the northern part of Pettis County, Missouri. It’s one county in Missouri that has a pretty diverse amount of geography.

Leaning Barn

Taken in early spring of 2014 so there is no guarantee this one is still standing.

Old Homestead

One huge surprise here is that the door is still intact. Most of the shingles are still there too. And you can see that this door hasn’t been opened for quite some time.

I want to invite you to visit Dan at No Facilities for more doors from around the world. It’s well worth your time!

Gotta love a little Kermit and Fozzie on your Thursday


    • Ron has entered some old abandoned houses during his law enforcement years and says if no one has broken into them and trashed the property, they look like time capsules. Like they just left one day & never returned.


  1. Thanks for Kermit and Fozzie this morning — what a spirit-lifter! I loved the photo of the old homestead, melancholy though it may be. It’s impossible not to imagine ghosts, but then maybe they’re not imagined!

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    • I have to say thanks to my husband for some of the banjo humor. He’s my enabler 😉 The pastor who married us mentioned one time all the things he’s seen and heard at bedsides when one is ready to ‘cross the Jordan’ so I’m one to believe in souls. Not imagined.

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