State Highway J Barns/Thursday Doors

The Badge

Welcome to another episode of Thursday Doors! I have had a few interruptions along the way this last month or so. But thankfully there are no requirements of perfect attendance when you are a blog author. And family always comes first in my life so that’s just the way it’s gotta be.

I’m presenting a couple barns with a view on life thrown in.

Big Sky - Big Doors
Big Sky – Big Doors

The barn above is new enough that the dust of severe drought in our region hasn’t had time to settle on the nice, creamy colored metal.

Silo Peeking from the Back

I enlarged this one a bit to give propers to that old silo in the back. I like the ivy clinging to it. Much like we cling to life, loved ones and our faith.

The Old-Timer
The Old-Timer

Another barn that has been through some rough weather. And if that tower were placed in another setting, (with a bit of a stretch–I know) it might pass for modern art. Gates and just enough of a view of the front door qualified this one for the post today.

Update on my mother…. Home and fighting like a real badass. Doctor’s wise words of Making Each Moment Count are not falling on deaf ears. When you’ve been given a 10% chance of walking off an operating table, it catches everyone’s attention. I have an aunt who’s favorite hymn was “Tis No Secret What God Can Do”. And she quoted that title every single chance she could in letters to a much younger Me. She knew we’d need that someday. Thanks to everyone out there who gave a little kind thought or prayer. We are ever so thankful!

Because humor makes the world better!
Because humor makes the world better!
Self Defense
Self Defense


    • It was mentioned to me that it was a tornado survivor, hence the missing metal roof and twisted tower. From 2006. Definitely a struggling farmer to just leave it all like that. Thanks for your kind words!

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