Muddy Creek Bottoms/ThursdayDoors

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Sometimes the events at large remind us of our own weather incidents. Today’s example stems from the flooding and devastation seen in the aftermath of hurricanes. For us in Central Missouri, flooding from large thunderstorms is often ignored, especially at night. With so many rural roads meandering all over the countryside, flash floods are often an unexpected event from rains that happen miles upstream. And other times, they are completely expected. Nevertheless, there is always someone who thinks they can cross the low water crossings. The gates I’m sharing today are the warning doors to all who have that mentality. For the record, I am not one who would risk it. Hope you will think twice wherever you reside when there are even just 2 inches of water over the road. That amount can wash you car off the road in seconds.

Turn around, Don’t drown.



    • Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts. We both really appreciate that 💕 We are hopeful she can return home soon but trying not to put the cart before the horse so to speak. In God’s time. Have a great Sunday!!

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