Cla’Y’s Choice/ AtoZ 2019

The April A to Z Challenge is in its tenth year, I’ve now participated for 6 of those years, and this year will be my 3rd quilt theme. It’s my first quilt using only patterns from the Kansas City Star newspaper archives. Welcome to my blog!

Clay’s Choice by the author in blues is lovely. I chose the reds for my own version as the middle pick displays.

Cutting to the chase today for this next to the last quilt block in the AtoZ. It’s been a long last 7 days for me and I won’t bore you with the details right now. But a lil’ tummy bug and a lot of yard work (excavation work) should probably be mentioned. Glad I’ve survived.

Did You Know?

American baseball legend, Yogi (a legit Y entry) Berra, born in St. Louis, Missouri was famous for Yogi-isms. One appropriate for today is: ” When you come to a fork in the road, take it .” And I really chuckle on this one,
“I’m not going to buy my kids an encyclopedia. Let them walk to school like I did.”

Come back here Monday for another quilt block for the A to Z Challenge! Also be sure to visit the home of the A to Z here and see other entrants challenge posts. There are excellent writers participating every year with topics in whatever you’re interested in


Opening Day ’19/ThursdayDoors

This Thursday Doors I’m celebrating the first day of baseball for the Kansas City Royals. One door closed (winter we hope) and another one –Spring– has opened here in central Missouri.

Time for the Royal wreath
Time for the Royal wreath

So with the arrival of my first little baseball fan and a gorgeous 63 degree morning with no wind to speak of, it was defintely going to be a day to break out the bat and ball.

This is how I feel too!
This is how I feel too!

I have no other special door to offer this Thursday Doors post and I’ll be taking a break to partake in the April A to Z Challenge in April, my 6th year. If you have time to stop in, I’ll be creating a quilt for the Challenge this year.

Sharing a little t-ball action with you all for your viewing pleasure in the final portion of this Thursday Doors. Please be sure and check out Norm 2.0 for all the other contributions to this wonderful blogging event.

Lucky 7/ WordPress Photo Challenge


File_003 (3)

This is Graham. He was in the seat catty-cornered from my husband, Ron. Throughout the first 6 innings of the Memorial Day game at The K, Graham faithfully went forward to the wall and waited so politely for the ballboy to see his sign and, hopefully, give him a ball for his birthday. As is the way of baseball games, several boys and girls would gather and little Graham didn’t utter a word. He just stood there and held his sign. My daughters, having strong motherly instincts, started hollering at the ballboy, ‘Hey! It’s His Birthday! Give him a ball’ in unison, several times. A lot. I’m so serious. They were becoming so indignant. 🙂

They come by it honest.

Finally a foul ball was hit our way and a little boy to our left was the recipient of 2 balls. The first was donated to him after some throwing practice. The second from this foul ball. After some sweet cajoling, my daughters persuaded the boy to give one of his to Graham.

Little did we know, the ball donation was being captured on tv. Thanks to some friends back home, we were texted these snapshots. Such a happy ending!

 My Family of 4.

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Loyal With The Royal/WPC


Opening Day 2016, April 3, we plan on watching the Boys in Blue

‘Do the Dance’.

We Own The Pennant!

Some of My Loves/ WordPress Photo Challenge

One Love

I don’t have just one. My life has been so blessed!

Some of my loves…..

 The Pitter Patter of little feet. Not sure Where I get that trait from????                                (Slide your mouse over each photo)


 goes without saying, but had to make it crystal clear.

 Family and Friends, past and present (not enough space for all of you!)

 Royals Baseball and Mother! Guess I might be All American?!




Putting Up My Feet


Literally, we’re putting our feet up. This has been a long week.

  • A Memorial Day game at Royals Stadium. Great tribute to Veterans and a little teary eyed moment for me. Love seeing people honored that deserve it. But no win for the Boys in Blue unfortunately. And back home and in bed by 1 am. Up next morning at 5:30. Getting too old for that.
  • Three 7:20 pm softball games in a row. No wins 😦  (Secretly I like getting supper out of the way early though.)

So sitting home on a Friday night watching stuff on Tv was just what the doctor ordered.

I began my softball game run with a new crochet project. And yes, I crocheted at the Royals game even though my family protested. (They were afraid ESPN would show a clip of the fans ‘enthusiasm’ I’m thinking. ha)


View from the truck seat at softball game #3. One of these days I’ll sit down by the field if I ever get my stadium chair out of storage. Until then, Ron finds me a parking spot so I can have a view from there. Still not sure of myself with the knee issue from December. Here’s a link to that. It’s about 90% recovered. If this lovely Missouri weather was more stable, I think I’d be 100% by now. But it is what it is.


Here’s the view from my couch and a peak at the color scheme. Lovin this!! More ‘views’ to come.