109 North Kansas Avenue, Kanopolis, Kansas/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

Still without air conditioning here at the homeplace. But there is light at the end of the tunnel as tomorrow is repair day. But with the heat, thoughts of looking back at a hot drive in Kansas fits the bill for today’s Thursday Doors. The temp that day a couple weeks ago was 102. We brought that weather home with us apparently. Thanks Kansas.

Just a simple, deserted antique store in Kanopolis, Kansas that caught my eye. Might not be there if they keep getting those crazy dust storms. More on that in a bit.

Langston's Antiques
Langston’s Antiques
The Doors
The Doors

Much of Kansas have been having a little drought up until this spring. Thought I’d share a little dust storm video from June 12th that makes me think of the Dust Bowl days and what it must have looked and sounded like for those poor souls.

Yep, My dream banjo is 5 figures
Yep, My dream banjo is 5 figures



  1. The door to the former antique shop has now entered the world of antiques. I hope the shop can find new life and that door can once again welcome customers. Good luck to you and the catfish on getting the banjo of your dreams.

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