Watkins at 11th and Massachusetts/ThursdayDoors


Welcome to a 3rd segment of the Watkins History Museum for Thursday Doors. I’ll be sharing my door search in the rest of the basement portion this week. The set I’m beginning with, I featured back in May of 2017. Hard to believe I’ve hung around this door flock this long. Might be that they are great company or something?!

Below I’ve combined more photos in the gallery and they’re not really in any particular order. Descriptions are in the captions and if you click on one, you’ll be able to see larger versions of each photo. Here is where I should probably insert that the museum has different exhibits that rotate. My photos are from 2020, pre-Pandemic so I would expect to see different items the next time I visit. And I’m sure we will since we have grown to really enjoy visiting Lawrence, Kansas. Sidenote: the food is pretty awesome too in case you wondered.

Time to wrap up this week’s contribution. But first, I hope you’ll stop over to visit Dan at No Facilities before you leave your screen. A wealth of doors from all over the globe await.



  1. I love the contrast of the old and the new photo at the top. The woodwork shown in your photos is magnificent. I wish they would move the copier and stuff out from under that lovely coffered underside of the stairway. The door to the mechanical room is fantastic. These days, that would be a plain metal door, probably painted grey.

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