A Little More From Prarie Home/ThursdayDoors

Some extras this week from Prairie Home, MIssouri for my entry in Norm’s Thursday Doors. But first a little bit about this small town, USA. Sitting in the township of the same name, Prairie Home had its start in 1874 when it grew around the Prairie Home Institute – a preparatory school that was chartered in 1864. The 2010 Census lists 280 inhabitants. They were a little scarce that Sunday we drove through.

Lion's Club surrounded by garages.
Lion’s Club surrounded by garages.

Turned down a side street for a look-see. Pardon the angle of the sun in this photo above.

Across the street
Across the street

Buildings that have hodge podge repairs certainly tell a story even when you aren’t able to find out information via the Internet.

Two for One
Two for One

But a closer look at this entry is definitely gives interest. Would have loved to see a before and after shot.

Thanks for dropping in this week for my entry in Thursday Doors and please visit Norm 2.0 as he leads this band of door seekers. He’ll be glad to show you where to find doors from around the world.

Prairie Home, Missouri/ThursdayDoors

No. Not shopping this year on Black Friday, but I am trying to gain the learning curve on my new MacBook Air. Bought this last week out of necessity, not because of any other reason. Old laptop will be great for backup Only. My personal Thankfulness begins with having help from the eldest to get it started. The rest is up to me, with a few fine-tuned directions as time goes on. But boy do I feel old today!

The Doors I’m sharing this week are a reflection of the season with a message for passersby.

Thank you message
Thank you message

Prarie Home is a tad bit over 50 miles from my home. A Sunday Drive was in order that particular day with fair weather and sunshine. And glad we went. Drives are good for the soul and great to destress.

Doors from a distance
Doors from a distance

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones (my fellow US friends & fam). And here’s hoping the rest enjoy your Friday whereever you are. And before you leave, please take a minute or so to visit Norm 2.0 for door entries from all over the world. Thanks for dropping in!

What Are Ya Huntin’?

So Goes Our Lives

I read the above clipping from grandma and it pretty much sums up what I’m aiming for in preparing my booth each year. I’m trying to present what folks are hunting for in either a gift, something they need, or just an item they haven’t seen before and maybe they just don’t want to go home empty-handed. Girls gotta shop right?! It would be sacrilegious to leave without Something. In case you’ve been sleeping, Christmas is on the way.

So do you wanna see what I was presenting this year? OH! I must mention after last week’s post on Inez’s Clippings– That vendor did not appear this year. And we were allowed to spread out our tables just a tad bit when the vendor beside us didn’t show up. Good times.

Before I give you the pictorial, a thank you needs to go out to Cole Camp for always delivering a superb Christbaumfest. A wonderful tradition that brings together the spirit of the season.

Huntin’ Trip

And last but not least, I have to thank my dear mother-in-law for buying my mini quilt and stand. And then leaving a lovely post on Facebook for all her acquaintances to read.

New home for the mini quilt. Now I know what to give her for Christmas, Birthday, Mother’s Day 🙂

I have such a supportive (enabling lol) family and they even turn out to help us load our stuff at the end of the day (Barbi & Scott, Leslie & Tracy God Bless You!) Mother, Kirsten and I really appreciate each and every one that made our day a little brighter. Grandma Must be smiling down!!

Prairie Fire Winery

I have probably not lived. I have only visited a couple wineries in my entire 54 years. In my defense, Missouri has not always had quite as many as it currently does. But after this Kansas Quilt Trail experience, I may just have to make a point to visit more. I know, tough task.

So for today’s Thursday Doors (visit Norm 2.0 for more door enthusiasts), I present Prarie Fire Winery and some scenes along the way. Hope you enjoy.

This way.
This way.
Western Style Doorway
Western Style Doorway

There’s not always a fork in the road.

Still on that Kansas Quilt Trail
Still on that Kansas Quilt Trail

And what to my wondering eyes should appear…? I know, not everyone should try to by a comic. Thanks for toleratin’ my feeble attempts.

Another quilt block within feet of each other.
Another quilt block within feet of each other.

Some doors all along this front but the best door is the one with the view—well all of them qualify.

A vast view of Kansas landscape as our last stop on the Kansas Quilt Trail. Left here with a lot of memories and some humor that I could appreciate.

You know you're in rural America when.....
You know you’re in rural America when…..

Til next time, thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend!

Plenty Smart

Don’t you think there are plenty of crafted items to go around? I mean I am of the opinion that there are never enough people learning the old traditions of sewing, crocheting, knitting, woodworking, etc. Well last year at a certain craft show mother and I attended, there was a very memorable vender across from us. We were ‘blessed’ (I wouldn’t have used that word at the time) to be placed across from this crafter who was selling similar items to mine. As the day went along the crafter bent quite a few rules which we observed with a fair amount of awe. We watched her step out into the traffic lane of people to begin conversations which was pretty bold on its own. Next, we listened to her raise her voice to auctioneer level. Bear in mind there was a good level of Christmas music playing to add to the atmosphere so yeah, she was pretty loud. And as the crowds increased after a parade, she physically pulled people into her booth space. It got to the point where folks were veering towards our booth and avoiding eye contact with this vendor. We had never experienced this before and I have to say it became very entertaining. Especially when the result was some great sales.

Rules even children understand
Rules even children understand

There are rules at this and many venues that you Never tear down/pack up before the designated time. We watched the lady in charge walking around, visibly making mental notes on who was not obeying this rule. The little town we were in has very deep German roots and traditions and I could just tell how much the lady was fuming at the total disregard to this rule specifically. When I say German, it conjures images of very neat, orderly gardens, perfect painted picket fences and a very no-nonsense lifestyle. Except for beer drinking occasions. Lol But I wouldn’t know -eye roll inserted.

Hope to make short work of this pile by end of Tuesday PM
Hope to make short work of this pile by end of Tuesday PM

So we are wondering if the vendor across the way from us will be invited back this year and if we’ll get the pleasure of sitting across from her?  I will have to keep you posted. In the meantime, I;ve shared above a photo of one of my behemoth piles of unfinished items to, hopefully, have for sale by Saturday. Yes, buring the midnight oil this week. Also, please enjoy this Inez’s Clippings and may you make it to the weekend effortlessly.

Hinerville School/ThursdayDoors

Mother, her brother and sisters attended a one-room schoolhouse back in their childhood days. My grandmother was a one-room schoolhouse teacher for a good portion of her twenties. And my own experiences in a one room schoolhouse that housed our local 4-Her’s, offered a place to have ice cream socials, drew in folks for community dinners as well as accomodated the location of my first bridal shower gives these places a big chunk of my heart. So I was happy to find this well-kept school on K-99 right before we were ready to head back to Lawrence on I-70. It was a perfect ending to our long drive on the Kansas Quilt Trail. I hope you enjoy my picture version of personal nostalgia this Thursday Doors.

View across from the schoolhouse—the gated community, rural American style.

I somehow seem to find these ‘Paw Paw’ roads

It’s been my experience that there were little kitchenettes in either the front or rear of these schools. I’d say this one was inside that back door. Notice the chimney often used for heating with a potbelly stove.

Side View

Where asphalt and gravel meet.

Another cattle gate
I would’ve rather rode a pony to school personally.

Brownie points if you’ve ever had to scrape your boots off on those metal devices before.

Hand hewn front step

Thanks for your kind attention this week as I shared this old piece of 1800’s history. Please take time and visit our Doors host, Norm 2.0 and he’ll direct you to more doors from all over the world.

Big Washout/ Inez’s Clippings

Seems my choice for this post was fairly timely seeing as we had a little snowfall. I love yesterday’s latest tweet I read from Lawrence, Ks PD. Here’s a screenshot/pic……

We had more than a little light snow here in Mid-Missouri. The schools closed due to icy roads …or most of them closed. Some may be in denial on the road conditions. I need to install a live video feed of my neighborhood of the drive-by’s for the schools out there. hehe

For now though I’m going to share some of the Wonder of Winter through the eyes of a child. Hope your Tuesday isn’t a washout.

Kansas State Highway 99/ThursdayDoors

Traveling down K-99 towards I-70 (also known as the Road to Oz) we veered off the Kansas Quilt Trail. But we still enjoyed the charm of billowing clouds, rural farm scenes and just the way wide open spaces rest my eyes.

I'd love to see the view from that hayloft!
I’d love to see the view from that hayloft!

Windy is a normal thing for Kansas and maybe you can tell by the clouds how turbulent the air was that day. But not in the tornadic sense of the word, thankfully. It was actually very good weather to be outdoors for a Midwest day in July.

How many bales of hay have passed through these barn doors over the years?!
How many bales of hay have passed through these barn doors over the years?!

Hope you enjoyed this Thursday Doors post. Please take time to visit Norm 2.0 for more doors from all over. He’ll let you know where to find them. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Scatter Sunshine/Inez’s Clippings

I love the clipping above. The author, Major Edward Bowes, was a radio personality from the 30’s and 40’s. Most famous for his amateur talent show that ran on the radio for 18 years. In fact, one famous singer was featured on his show that everyone will know unless you’re from Mars–that being Frank Sinatra. I found a clip of him singing but I think it might take a bit away from grandma’s clipping. This isn’t about Ol’ Blue Eyes. No disrespect intended. Another time I’ll revisit Frank circa 1935.

I like the clipping above for many of its facets. But Scatter Sunshine really strikes a chord with me. I feel like by acting on this two-word phrase, everything else will follow….a heart free from hate, worry-free mind, love-filled life, thinking of others…..you get the idea I’m sure. Nowadays, we hear of those paying it forward. Very similar thought process. And why not?! What do you have to lose with being kind.

Scattered Sunshine
Scattered Sunshine

Being creative this week in the sewing room and I hope these creations will scatter some sunshine somewhere when they are complete.

Not really taking any votes on these 2 versions of the Pine Tree quilt block. But my preference is the one on the left. They’ll be ready shortly.

What the heck, I’m sharing Frank Sinatra here anyway. Enjoy!! Scattering Sunshine on Inez’s Clippings!

Wamego, Kansas Pt 2/Thursday Doors

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home. Dorothy clicked her heels 3 times to reiterate that thought and it took her back to Auntie Em’s. So I felt like a homestyle quilt block was in order for the 2nd half of the Wamego post. But since the hubster is up for surgery #4 tomorrow, it’s going on the backburner til later. But I will add it to my mini quilt project plan.

Late in the day here so I present the later half of my photo collection from Wamego, Kansas and hope to have the quilting ready for next post.

Some Halloween feels for you who wish to celebrate today.

My favorite character was the Tin Man and I was glad to see him peekin’ out of that window there. In case you missed the prior post on the Wizard of Oz museum, click here.

Once a music hall, this is now theatre, museum and art center. I’m sorry I didn’t get a good clear view of the flyers on the window. The best I could tell is the center one said “Circus” and possibly ‘Freak Show’ underneath.

Former church?

The plus is that this building is still in use.

First United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church

In it’s 134th year. Current building (sanctuary) erected in 1908. And that’ll do it for me this week. Stop in at Norm 2.0 for more doors from all over. Thanks Norm for hosting!