104 West Butterfield Trail/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

MIssouri is rather abundant in trails. There are pioneer trails, bike trails made from abandoned railroads and Pony Express and stagecoach trails. The rich history of the Butterfield Trail Stagecoach makes the location alone of this church pretty cool. A simple post today, but let your imagination ruminate on how much this street in Cole Camp, Missouri has seen.

United Lutheran Church ELCA

This church was originally formed as a branch of the St. John’s Lutheran Church to serve its English speaking members.

The new church was organized so that the members “might have an Englishspeaking, and yet Lutheran church, open communion, and a more liberal acceptance of fraternalorganizations.” The first meetings were held in the Eickhoff Opera House, then in an empty store building in Cole Camp.

MIssouri State Historical Society, United Evangelical Lutheran Church (Cole Camp, Mo.).
526 Collection, 1934-1976.

The current building was completed in 1938. Known in the 50th anniversary pamphlet at the “Little Stone Church with the Gospel”.

I really love the message!

Simple doors, but I would say entering them will fill you with good vibes! Hope you can visit Dan at No Facilities for more wonderful doors from other participants. Good vibes to be found across the board.

Side note, getting my Covid booster left me feeling like I was hit by a train. But better than being in a hospital as well as a good way to protect your loved ones. Get your vaccinations!


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