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This week we have a couple daycare moments to share as well as the obligatory ‘normal’ doors. Not a lot to say since the photos are self-explanatory and I want to allow you plenty of time to visit other door entries. They will be well worth your time! And I hope you’ll enjoy my rendition of Holiday Doors per request by our fearless leader, Dan at No Facilities.

One of my daycare children and her sister have been at my daycare for 8 years now (combined) and my neighbor/mother-in-law has always had a soft spot for these two. Hence, they always remember her at Christmastime. Wanted to share the sweetness with you all.

Mother donated the gingerbread house/cookie kit for our enjoyment. Also a wonderful way to enhance cooperation, fine motor skills, early math concepts and spacial awareness– in case you were wondering.

Main Street Doors

Finally a section of Sedalia’s Main Street doors that are dressed up for the holidays. I like this older section of town for its original look. Hope you will too.



  1. Those look like some wonderful moments. I featured completed gingerbread houses, but I enjoy the in-progress pictures you shared. I also like your explanation of the benefits for children. Thanks for sharing these with us at Thursday Doors.

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