Orchard House Inn/ThursdayDoors

Last, donated, photo stash from Glasgow, Missouri. This may mean I’m overdue to take my own Sunday drive out for some door hunting. That is if the price of gas stays within reason. In the mean time, I hope you’ll enjoy this week’s entry.

Orchard House Inn

Kirsten found a bed and breakfast for this Thursday Doors. It just so happens they have a Facebook page here. And there are videos of the interior if you care to take a look-see.

Door above and below

It’s not often we see lavendar homes. This one seems well done to me. And maybe you wouldn’t get lost trying to find your way home? That was not meant to sound snarky just for the record. I mean visitors might? get lost??

Barn quilts are a bonus. These are along the way and I don’t have specifics other than what the names of the quilts are.

The red barn features a Dresden Plate quilt. The white barn has the Flying Kite which I’m a little partial to.

When you only have a little of the fabrics you love, you make a patchwork block.

Hope you will take time and visit Dan at No Facilities for more fabulousness as there is a new challenge combined with the Thursday Doors this month…..a writing challenge. Eagerly awaiting the new reads!



  1. I love the doors on the bed and breakfast. I really like the fact that the window in both the upper and lower doors have the same pattern in the glass. I’m glad you mentioned that the house is lavender. That’s a color I don’t see very well, I would have said blue if asked.

    The barns are an added bonus for sure.

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