St. Mary’s Parish of Glasgow/ThursdayDoors

It was my pleasure to feature this church, dedicated on July 4, 1909. This church is located in Glasgow, Missouri, an old Missouri River town from back in the early years of our state. It was known for its port that sent out tobacco and hemp shipments. The St. Mary’s church featured today was the wedding location of my first childcare provider and her husband married back in the 1950’s. She’s one of those influential people from my life who probably helped determine my career path. I remember gazing at her beautiful wedding photo when I was supposed to be napping. That was the first thought I had when my daughter sent me these shots of St. Mary’s. Her daughter was my first best friend. Funny how a set of doors can open up those past memories.

Please take a few to open up more wonderful doors from around the world over at Dan’s No Facilities. He has directions to take you there.



  1. What a lovely church. I like the black doors. I don’t see black doors often, but they always look great, especially against the brick. It is funny how pictures can evoke memories. I really like the triangular detail at the bottom of the center handrail. That’s a nice touch. A little extra stability right where you need it most.

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