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Thursday Doors this week is from Ha Ha Tonka State Park located 5 miles south of Camdenton, MIssouri. The photos taken by my daughter/assistant are of the water tower of a former estate that burned in 1942. The water tower burned by vandals in 1976 still stands like a sentinal. Portions of the castle are standing as well and can be viewed on the state park website here.

My daughter admitted to putting her phone through the window for an inside view of the tower. Not recommending that to anyone for the record. But I do appreciate her creativity.

The workings of the water tower are shown above and if you’re a nuts and bolts person, you’ll be interested in reading the kiosk. According to the park webpage, the spring in Ha Ha Tonka park is the 12th largest in the state.

From Pinterest

The estate itself must have been something to see back in the day. Today it’s understandably a popular setting for senior and wedding photos.

This portion of the Lake of the Ozarks is formed by the Niangua River. The Niangua is a tributary river of the Osage River that runs 125 miles. It’s said the name Niangua comes from an Osage tribal leader, Nehemgar, meaning ‘bear’. He must be honored to have this river as a namesake.

Thanks for visiting my later than normal Thursday Doors this week. Been under the weather. Hope you’ll stop by No Facilities where Dan will show you how to find all the other doors from around the globe.



  1. What a wonderful bit of history to share. I am so glad your daughter had the idea to get that inside photo (I’m glad she didn’t drop her phone). It always makes me sad when I read about vandalism of this kind. Senseless destruction removes things that so many others would have enjoyed seeing. Thanks for sharing this with Thursday Doors.

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