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Many are wondering about the upcoming winter weather — including yours truly. So on Sunday, I had the opportunity to visit my persimmon hotspot. In case you’re not savvy on the folklore associated with this fruit’s seeds, I’ll give you the rundown…..

  • Fork = mild winter weather
  • Spoon = Heavy precipitation -Snow/North, Rain/South
  • Knife = Colder than usual weather (Cutting North Winds)
Wild Persimmons
Wild Persimmons

So there you have it, the explanation behind the persimmon seed mythology. It’s not scientific fact. But many like to see if the seed is correct. That’s me. Just for fun and just for a little tradition here on the blog. Believe or not, I have many requests for my results and this is my platform, and today I’m combining it with Thursday Doors, for good reason. But The Doors Will Be First. We Door fans are beholden to our leader Norm 2.0 for hosting this venue each week, allowing us til noon on Saturday in case life gets crazy. After all, it is 2020.

My door contributions are local this week and were happened upon during walnut pickin’ with Mother, my youngest daughter, my sister and brother-in-law. I think we’re a pretty good team if I do say so myself. And for my mother to still be out there helping is a testimony to her strong work ethic. I won’t give her age away, but she’s had her share of health issues and still keeps going strong. Many people would do well to follow her example. I definitely try to.

The back of the 1/2 ton pickup held around 200 pounds of walnuts. Hulling facilities only open after October 1 around here. Tell the walnut trees that. They don’t have a schedule and in 2020 they were dropping back in August. Mom says those are usually no good for keeping but I’m convinced she just tells herself that to keep from being annoyed at the hullers’ timeframe. hehe

So on to the 2020 Persimmon Report — in photos.

In true 2020 fashion, the seeds were somewhat damaged by mother nature. But I only had 2 persimmons so we went with what we had. First seed shows a spoon, second a knife and all the rest were spoons — 8 in total. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we should only expect a Not too Cold, Not too Wet winter here in Missouri. I suppose only time will tell which prediction is correct.

Hope you enjoyed my post today and can take a few minutes to visit Norm 2.0 for some blog greatness. He’ll direct you to all the other Thursday Door entrants. I’ve enjoyed your visit! Thanks!



  1. That’s a LOT of walnuts. I must confess to being a bit dense about the seeds, though. Is it that they’re shaped like a specific utensil? What am I missing? (Pretty sure that forecast won’t be good for Arizona, though!) ๐Ÿ™‚


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    • You have to picture a butter knifeand a spoon ….and I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™ve ever seen a fork to be honest here lol
      Itโ€™s just old folklore ๐Ÿ˜Š and so yeah not for Arizonians lol

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    • Itโ€™s a bumper crop year as they say. We use rollers with cages to collect, have the outer hull removed, dry them out and crack them to pick out the โ€˜meatโ€™. Labor intensive for sure. Mom sells them to supplement her income every year. Has quite the following of customers and has never had many leftovers as long as I can remember. So I probably should have explained all the involvement in more detail but you know, doors lol Thanks for visiting!

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