Weather and Barns/ThursdayDoors

Barns get weathered and I have some pictures this week to combine in my Thursday Doors entry. I hope you’ll enjoy a little bit of our Missouri midwestern spring in photos.

Just a little story in pictures of a cool weather event we experienced. The glow of the clouds are the base of a thunderhead/anvil cloud and they are full of hail. We were lucky to only have small, pea-sized hail. The storm took down some tree limbs but nothing worse.

Received some photographs in the mail and they will be greatly treasured. I kind of thought the weathered door fits with my theme this week. Making copies with my sister to share for generations to come. No sense in keeping things hidden away. My readers know what I think of my family photos and mementos. Good stuff!

Blurry image of a Hay and Tractor Storage Barn. Most tractors won’t fit in those side openings anymore.
Dairy Barn with weather vane. Wish I had a camera with zoom lens for this one. I’ll go back later in better weather!!
Included in this shot are the Old barn in the back 40, a Modern Pole Barn, Chicken Coop, Utility Shed, and Garage. All behind the farm house and not many doors visible. Again, thanks to our weather.

Hope you’re weathering this thing we call life as well as can be expected. Many thanks to Norm 2.0 for allowing the Thursday Doors participants to weave together stories as best we can through the storm. Thanks to You! for stopping in!!



  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog – I don’t know why I didn’t see your Thurs. Doors for some time – maybe I need new glasses, lol! Where there is a barn there is a door – a great rural post! We have some wooden ones in the neighborhood, but they’re so weathered that it’s had to see the door:) Thank you again for going the extra mile and coming to my blog:)

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