One Cool Misty Morning/ThursdayDoors

It’s gonna be a hot one here today. Humidity is creeping up after a very strong series of thunderstorms overnight. Yes, we had some wind damage to trees. But the photo selection for this week’s Thursday Doors will be from a cool, misty, Missouri morning. Gonna be wishing for more of these days pretty soon. And another barn collection will continue to be the theme for awhile. Driving is our preferred choice of socializing. We’re not the butterfly type.

Didn’t see the red barn in back til I got home.

Eight percent of U.S. farms market foods locally through farmersโ€™ markets and food hubs. Please support your local farmers markets!

So Gray and Blurry in the Mist

For my daughters….Women make up 30 percent of todayโ€™s farmers. But don’t give up your college studies. Just sayin’.

Stretched View with Red Wing Blackbirds on the Fence

Missouri has wonderful wide, open spaces.

Sun Rays finally!

Fun fact. An acre of land is about the same size as a football field. Consider myself lucky to have grown up on 10 football fields ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Red Silo probably had a barn nearer in days gone by.

Can I insert here that red and green are not only Christmas colors?

Close-up of the doors

Thanks for visiting this week’s Thursday Doors and don’t forget to drop in at Norm 2.0 for a vast array of door entries. He will be more than happy to direct your path. Til next time, Stay Safe!



  1. Oh, do you live in Missouri? I did in my college days – in Springfield. LOVED it! Loved that small town feel – enough stores, etc. but no traffic or dilapidated neighborhoods. Great barn doors!

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    • I sure do ๐Ÿ™‚ Lifetime Missourian. Springfield is a couple hours away but a good destination drive for quilt-related items too. Hubs loves the Bass Pro store of course. lol We’re pretty close to the middle of the state so the larger cities are at least an hour away. Thanks for sharing!!


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