Revisiting Green Ridge, Missouri/ThursdayDoors

Last Sunday was so beautiful! Temps at or around 65 degrees. But instead of venturing out, we watched the Super Bowl. So with that, I am naturally headed back in time with an archive retrieval. This is a revisit to my hometown, Green Ridge, Missouri, circa 2018. I’ve had a few posts on this small town before here and here. Today’s pics are a normal sight in any farm community and taken for granted by us I’m sure as a regular fixture. Hopefully these captures give some appreciation both to the structures and to those who operate them. Most definitely sending my appreciation to our farmers whose hard work fill them each harvest season.

Above-mentioned rail bed in the foreground.

Hope you enjoyed this little slice of Americana in this weeks Thursday Doors. Please visit Norm 2.0 for more interesting doors from around the world.



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