Past and Present Downtown/Thursday Doors

Woods Opera House circa 1902.

Wecome this week to a little of the past and some of the present in my pics for Thursday Doors. The photo above courtesy of the State Historical Society of Missouri’s website. Located at 2nd and Lamine, the building is no longer in existence–but thankfully we have a postcard. Trying really hard not to sound sarcastic in that last comment. It would be really nice to see some of Sedalia’s gems saved. I’ve been seeing so many just let go and wonder how long before there’s another building collapsing. We’ve sure had our share.

Ohio Street Looking South .

Downtown Sedalia’s heyday if you note all the people and traffic. Many more horse-drawn buggies. Could those be paved sidewalks? Thanks once again to the State Historical Society for the look into the past and for the copyright-free photos to share.

After a share a few weeks ago of the back of Cash Hardware, I thought I’d share the front view. This building has been covered but you can get a general idea of the way it looked with the portion at the end of the block. After a few drive-bys, it appears the antique mall is no longer open? I’d be glad to be corrected by a local, but I don’t believe I’m wrong here. The shop on the end with its original brick front is still going strong though and if you had been around back in the days of those postcards, you could have stood in front on “Ohio Street Looking South”. Hope you enjoy the gallery. Thanks once again to Norm 2.0 for hosting the Thursday Doors and I urge you to visit him by clicking here. More doors await.



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