FLW @ 225 N. Roosevelt Street/ThursdayDoors

The Badge

Allen House is the last of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prarie Houses. Designed in 1916 and completed in 1918. Only open for limited tours at this time. But drive-bys are not taboo. So on a hot Sunday in June this summer, our eldest daughter accompanied us on our door hunting. If you’re in the neighborhood, tours on the website are starting August 31. The moonlight tour is currently sold out, but there are daytime tours at the time of this writing. I wish I lived a little closer. It’s a 4-hour drive from my front door.

A little about Mr. Wright. There are around 800 houses, buildings and commercial buildings designed by him. Several have been demolished but, according to my sources, the current count of those still in existence is around 425. There are some in foreign countries- Japan, Canada, and Europe. Wichita is fortunate to have another building of his on the campus of Wichita State University that is heavily influenced by his plans for a building in Iraq that never came to fruition. I just happen to have that photo stash in my possesion for a future post. But let’s focus today on the Allen-Lambe House as some are referring to it of late. If you click on the photos, the gallery will open to give you a full view of each photo. Hope you enjoy!

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